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Mega Media Monday 11.10.08 (Current Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Welcome again to Mega Media Monday, and its a nice frigid some odd degrees here in the southwestern part of Missouri. My schedule is not working out too splendiforously, so I an shoving another "random" week on you guys, but the real unifying theme is that all of these videos are from the previous week, so they earn the status of "current". After the next couple of weeks, I see my schedule clearing up enough for me to put more effort into these things. Then again, these things wouldn't happen if you were to give me suggestions ;). SEND THEM IN, DANGIT!!!!

Now that the uncomfortable part is out of the way, lets look at some mega media, shall we?

Fanboy Focus 11.6.08

Random fanboy news from some fanboy dude. Seriously, this thing was almost specifically catered to me. Ok, so maybe I don't understand the "Iron Man" thing, or the "Star Trek" thing, but his random calls to Internet mannerisms "First Post" "Pwnage" and the like is really good.

Zelda Commercial

I will not ruin this for you, but watch the very scary "Legend of Zelda" Commercial form the 80's, then watch the guy talk about it. This video totally RR'ed me. If you don't know what that means by the end of the video, then you need a bigger does of Internetdom, stat!

DSi Feature Rundown

The DSi was released in Japan over a week ago, and this guy gave a barely speaking rundown of the features in the DSi, and I crave. I crave BAD.

Sonic Unleashed Trailer

This one minute trailer was put on IGN last week. It looks sweet, but the "werehog" is.... I grow weary....

Baby Laugh a Lot

You are truly a strong person if this doll does not scare you.

That is all for this week. Again, suggestions are very much appreciated, and you know how to give them to me by commenting, emailing, etc. Until next time, happy watching!

The Allengator
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