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Gator Factoid Files 1

Heres hoping that what I blog today will tide you over until I get more time to blog (hint: whats keeping me starts with a "h" and ends in a "omework"). I can tell you some odd factoids about me, though. Everyone loves those, right?

Factoid #1: School Rumble is really the only anime I am a big fan of.

Seriously, I go out and get dvd sets as soon as they are released and I am also currently getting my hands on what manga I can with my miniscule pay. I have the first 6 volumes at the moment. Other anime series I have checked out, and may watch when I actually have free time include Azumanga Daioh (hilariously random anime), Shakugan No Shana (a philosophical existantialistic anime), and maybe/maybe not Excel Saga (More random, but also meant for older audiences). I have yet to find any other anime that appeals to me. I have been told to look at one named "Lucky Star", which I may, if, again, I get the time to do so.

Factoid #2: Beatles may be my favorite group, but a close second would be Queen.

Songs like "Don't Stop Me Now", "Seven Seas of Rhye", "The Show Must Go On", and "Somebody to Love" are very nice songs. I listen to them when I get bored, which can be often. Also, they make good music to listen to while doing some homework.

Factoid #3: I play my Nintendo DS more than my Wii

In my opinion, Ninty has done gamers better with the DS than the Wii. There is quite a few fans that feel abandoned with what Nintendo has done with the Wii, but there seems to be a continual flow of neat games (almost 1 a month) for the DS. I just got Ninjatown, and its really good.

That is all I have time for. Join me tomorrow for more irrelevant stuff on here.

The Allengator
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