Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Political Douchebag Commentary - My Two Cents

Ok, that's the final straw. I will say this once. I am tired of the douchebags in my area that are basically so politically motivated that they tell people HOW to vote, or, more clearly, WHO to vote for. The knocks on the door, the phone calls, the websites, and, most annoyingly, places like Myspace and Facebook. I am staying off of them today because I saw some comments from these so-called "friends".

You know, I don't care if you voted McCain or Obama. I could honestly care less, but saying some comments to the effect of "Don't vote if you're not for McCain". No, I am not exaggerating or reading too much into it. That is what it says in black and white. Another one that is just as abusive says, "Vote McCain or suffer". I don't have Obama-charged comments because my "friends" are all centered in Missouri, and McCain is the deal around here.

Now that is not to say "I hope everyone votes for so-and-so" will annoy me. I don't mind that at all. You can support and try to convince other people to sway to your opinion. "Vote so-and-so" is fine too. I don't care about those. But you seriously shouldn't say things that could threaten or support voter suppression. That's just non-American.

I am proud to say that my close friend that I personally know have yet to out and out say something like that, and its just these sociopaths that I really don't know. That is of this writing. Just remember this. Free speech is good, and yeah, you can say knee-jerk things without resistance, but you will not get once bit of sympathy from me, and may get some backlash. Trust me, an aggrivated Allengator is a nasty Allengator.

Sorry about another politically charged entry, but I was just disgusted with what some people have said.

The Allengator

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