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Mega Media Monday 11.3.08 (Presidential Election Edition)

Hey everyone, and welcome to another exciting round of Mega Media Monday! I really hope you enjoy this one. In case you didn't know, or have been, you know, under a rock or something...the presidential election is tomorrow. This Mega Media Monday may not change your minds, but it will make you reminice about the greatest election evar!!!

This just may be the greatest Mega Media Monday ever. It will help cut your taxes! It will make you a plumber! War will be a thing of the past! It will be so popular, that The Allengator will be written in as a candidate, and he will take over the country! Paidforbythecrazypeoplewhowanttotakeovertheworldfoundation. I am the Allengator, and I approve of these messages:

Ron Paul is a Virus:

This song proves that folky music works best with cool words like peace, freedom, and virus. Seriously, this guy wins the "You're not helping" award for the 2008 election as Ron Paul really isn't in the running. Face it.

The Power of Cheese

Ok, so this is an old commercial, but hey, if I can squeeze in an opportunity to include cheese with anything, even if its politics, then I'll do it.

Joe does it go again?

I know I know, plumber. In a rare choice, Mega MEdia Monday is posting a rather more serious-type video. This is just about Joe the Plumber, the new star who was mentioned more then Iraq. Honestly, he kinda creeps me out. Oh, and word of warning. Do not go to youtube and read the comments. There are a lot of right wing nutballs posting stuff about the KKK in there. I am not even close to joking, as I would never joke about that.

Mike Huckabee's Ultimate Weapon

Tell me how he had this guy on his side, and lost the nomination. How is this possible? I mean this is as possible as dividing by zero (which, incidently, this guy can do!).

Yes We Can

Finally, probably the most viral of videos this campaign has seen. Say what you want about who you're voting for, McCain, Obama, or whoever, but whoever gets in will provide change form where we are now. I know this is an Obama video, but you have to admit, coming together as a country is what we need best right now. This goes over the history of a lot of things, from women's rights, to Biblical history, to the space exploration era. Say what you want about the campaign and who wins, but the fact is that the nation needs healing. Ok, now that I'm off my soapbox, enjoy this video.

That is it. I encourage you to vote and yadda yadda yadda. I hope you realize that I didn't choose a side, or that I showed support for one candidate over the other, but to just show a small portion of the angles of this current election. It has been crazy, but look on the bright side. IT WILL BE OVER AFTER TOMORROW! I plan on staying up and watching the results on tv. What are your plans?

Thank you for joining me for yet another Mega Media Monday. As always, I encourage (as I am limited in my imagination. Thanks for nothing, Barney) any ideas or videos to include in future editions, whether you are new to reading this or not. I really want to hear some ideas, people. Just send me a message through email, comment, IM, or telepathic waves to me. I will pay attention, seriously! In any case, join me tomorrow, and keep watching!

The Allengator
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