Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Teh Muziks 5p3@k to Meh!

Sorry for the 733t title there, but this is almost a serious personal-type entry thingie.

I was having some trouble getting to sleep last night, so I did something I haven't done in forever, which is listen to music and trying to go to sleep. I just happened to have my MP3 player with me last night, so I listened to some tunes. I find that to help me sleep, I just listen to whatever songs are mellow. I listen to quite a few that are fast and loud, but I usually keep those for when I do chores or drive. They are more of driving tunes than anything.

For example, I listened to Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" several times. I find that song to be some relaxing, even though it probably isn't meant to be that way. It is just kind of comforting to listen to the paticular chord progressions than most song do.

I skipped over a good portion on the J-rock song I listen to, because most of mine are fas and furious. I also kept away from most dance music as well, because that would have just done the opposite of putting me to sleep.

Maybe I'm weird. No, I am weird, there is no denying that. I just can't listen to the really soft music. If I want to hear music, then I just want to be able to listen to it. I listen more for the actual music part than the lyrics, which would probably explain my taste in music. There is some sort of modulation, or maybe chord progression, that just speaks to my soul, and I just listen to the songs that have that in it. I can't pinpoint it, but its there.

That being said, there are a few songs I listen to because of the lyrical content. For example, I listen to several comedy songs mainly for the lyrical content. There are an extremely few of these, but they float out there.

Another thing I try to avoid is profanity. There are so many songs out there with untapped potential that squander it by using words that just don't need to be there. I like the songs off of Green Day's album "American Idiot", but I avoid listening to them profusely because of the language used in many of the songs. I look for "edited" versions as often as I can. Another group would be Puddle of Mudd. Their song "Famous" throws around the F-bomb more than a few times. Thankfully, there is an edited version out there, but man....why use language like that in a musically good song? Its almost like their vocabulary is limited to using such trashy words.

Normally, I would get on my soapbox about profanity, but I will refrain myself for the time being.

What kind of music do you listen to? Is there some sort of correlation between them? Do you listen more for the lyrics than the music, or is it the other way around? Anything else about music that you want to touch on? Feel free to comment below! Let's see if we can get some intelligent discussion all up in here!

That is just about all I have for you today. Join me tomorrow for a you-know-what, 'k? 'k.

The Allengator
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