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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Saturday, In the House, I Think it Was the First of November...
Ice King, Adventure Time
Last night went without a hitch, and by that, I mean no one pranked us and work was par for the course, minus all the cosplayers running around, acting like everyone else. Hey, Batman guy! I see you in here every Friday night. Quit trying to blend in with everyone else!

Saturdays are typically my least favorite day. Work happens early enough to not allow me to do much beforehand, and ends too late, to where I have to go home and force myself to sleep. Ugh. I'm hoping for a Monday through Friday job in my future, so that way I can reclaim the weekend. I seriously think the "weekend" is becoming a lost art in our modern "busy" society.

Since NaBloPoMo doesn't dictate how long my entries have to be, I think I might cut it short, because I'm really tired, I don't have much time, and honestly, because of both, my creativity is shot. They all can't be winners, or looooong entries, and this happens to be one of those days. Sorry guys. I'll try to be lengthier and more witty tomorrow.

The Allengator