Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Blaming it on Schoolwork Again, Yay!

Sorry about not updating much. Schoolwork is getting the best of me again. Also, anytime I come up with a good topic, I want to keep it for those unbloggable days I am sure to have next month.

I am planning on doing a Chuck/Heroes review, but since there is no new episode next week (Prempted due to Tina Fey wanting to impersonate Sarah Palin...again...), it will have to come just a little later. I have some web services I need to set up for my War game, and I need as much of it done as possible before the week is over.

Believe you me, after spending 4+ hours typing out code, you really don't feel like typing out blogging too. Well, catch ya guys on the flipside.

The Allengator

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