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Chuck 2.04/Heroes 3.06 Review

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks since my last reviews on these shows. Sorry, life just got a little too busy for me to do these, but I have enough time this week. I relly REALLY wanted to go over last week's Heroes, but this week's was just as good.

Chuck vs. the Cougars

We open to Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping", which makes me think that this episode may be full of win.

Chuck finds out that Sarah's name is actually Jenny, while we find out Jenny wasn't her real name to begin with. Nice work, writers. Ben Savage (who I was uberly excited about, and conforms my "made of win" theory. Huge Boy Meets World fan here) and Nicole Richie (why?) ask Sarah and Chuck to go to Sarah's 10 year reunion. At the same time, the Russian mafia is all in Savage's pants because he has some top secret plans for some nuclear warfare plane thingies. I honestly forgot, as the terminology is way over my head.

While at the reunion, Casey DJs, which is made of win, while Ben and Chuck actively avoid the mafia. He finds out Ben's wife Nichole Richie is actually heading said mob. Man, she really is a...can't-say-that-word-in-polite-company. Sarah smacks her down in a hot shower scene (seriously, they were in the locker room shower), and fights her past demons or whatever. I didn't care as Ben Savage was still alive. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO THE SHOW, WRITERS!!!

Also, we had a Buy More adventure this week, and Lester steps down from assistant managership as Norman, the giant plastic fish, loses his face o.O. Poor Norman.

And no Awesome/Elle plot this week either. That doesn't entirely hurt my feelings as its just the typical "getting ready for the wedding" storyline anyhow.

Final score: 9/10. The soundtrack was great, the comedy was there, and did I mention Ben Savage? This episode is probably a personal best, in the top 3 somewhere.

Heroes - The Dying of the Light

Again, I wanted to review last week's episode really badly, as it was good. The flavor was especially dark, but hey, variety, right? I want to go on the record as saying my "Ando not really being stabbed to death" theory was right on.

The plotlines are as follows.

Claire goes to save her biomom from the puppeteer. The puppeteer ends up capturing everybody, Claire gets shot, regenerates, and knocks the puppeteer out. HRG comes in, praises Claire for capturing him, offers Meredith a job of some kind, and Claire looks scared. Maybe she thinks that she is becoming her dad. I dunno. The storyline was not that interesting.

Tracy and Nathan visit Mohinder, seeing if he has a cure. He is suprised that both of their abilities are manufactured instead of being born with them. He knocks them out and they try to escape later, realizing that Mohinder is now some sort of warped spider-fly thingie. My thoughts are if this storyline means that Maya is dead, then it is worth the bad writing.

Sylar and Peter go find their mama, who is in a coma, and then Peter turns on Sylar, because he is evil now or something.


My guess is that powers also inhibit some sort of personality into the person. When Sylar killed the melting things guy, he started to act like him (even wore a "Ramones" t-shirt). Couple that with Sylar's ability causing some demented hunger, and the theory sounds plausable. Sometimes the ability may not affect the bearer too much, but I bet with all of the powers Peter has, he is halfway to Crazytown now.

Then Peter takes off to Pinehearst, the company that is taking over the company.

Daphne finds Matt, who tells her in a very non-stalkerish way that they are married in the future. Matt has his "turtle" (tortoise, idiot), and sees Daphne, and says "Hi five, Turtle". Heh. Not the best line of the episode, but it is definately number two. Daphne makes the poor shmuck stay there as she finds other people to recruit. After finding out the ones she is recruiting are pretty vile, she tells Matt to stay the heck away from Dodge, er, Pinehearst. Matt tells her that Pinehearst will end up costing her life in the future. She leaves him anyways. Well, at least you have your "turtle" to keep you company.

Hiro makes Ando fake his death (again, totally called it) and he is told to go see A freakin' knee sock (Aficany Isaac, for those of you who don't understand Hiro speak. Isaac could paint the future, and so can this dude). Hiro tries to sneak up on a freakin' knee sock, and since he is a precog, he bashed Hiro on the head with a shovel. Heh. Ando tells Hiro to go back in time right before he got hit.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: The heading telling us Hiro went to, "One Minute Before Hiro Got Hit" EPIC.

Despite going back, a freakin' knee sock bops him on the head again. Heh heh. Its nice to see that they remembered that Hiro can have comedic stuff too. He tells Ando that you can't win against a precog. They always see you coming. They hide behind a rock for a freakin' knee sock to return, because that worked out SO well for them before. They sneak into the tent and grab the shovel he keeps hitting Hiro with. A freakin' knee sock, for whatever reason, takes pity on them and congratulates them for "using their heads". I don't think they did, because their plan was THE SAME AS BEFORE, just without the time travel. Whatever. He shows them a painting of evil peoples, and then there is suspense....I guess...

Kensei gets thrown over to Arthur Petrelli (Peter, Nathan, and Sylar's daddy, yo), and he suddenly mummifies and turns into a big pile of dusty bones. What a waste. There was so much untapped potential with his character. RIP, David Sanders. I guess the only good thing that came out of his death was to show that people like Claire, Sylar, and Peter are not immortal as they think they are. Nice. Arthur assembles the league of evil, comprising of Knox, Daphne, Matt's Dad (his name fails me at the moment), and flames guy (again, with the names). Peter busts in as they are talking about ruling the world, or powers, or something. Arthur greets Peter and tells him to hug him. Moron. I mean Peter is a moron, because all of his abilities are gone now. He is just plain Peter. This could add to his angst and daddy issues, because good grief, we have not had a SINGLE DADDY ISSUES STORYLINE!!!

Final Score 9.2/10

Next week looks pretty promising as well. Can't wait to see what extent Mohinder's mutation has taken him. Oh wait. Yes I can. Also? Peter "gets grounded". Heh.

Heroes has definately recovered from the under parness of last season, and it keeps getting better and better.

Alrighty then, I wasted enough time reviewing these episodes. Enjoy yourselves.

The Allengator
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