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Mega Media Monday 10.20.08 (Black and White Edition)

Today we are going back to a simpler time. You may boast that you are the most watched tv show of all time, that your movie has the best special effects of all time. You may have the best of everything, but can it even hope to compete with the epicness that is black and white media? Ok, it can, but that doesn't make black and white stuff any less interesting, right? Er....maybe? Uh.....close?

The Three Stooges Teach Cute Girls the Alphabet

Let it never be said that Mega Media Monday is never educational. With that being said, good luck getting that song out of your head.

Animaniacs - Ragamuffins

True fact, the Animaniacs were created in the 1930's and made some black and white (with a splash of red) shorts before being locked up in the tower until the 90's. Seriously, this is true authentic old timey cartoons at its greatest. Would I lie to you? Shut up!

Red Skelton Skit

This man was a legend. I mean he is up there, and in my opinion, exceeds Lucille Ball in comedy, and I loved watching old episodes of his show. If you see a Red Skelton DVD set, get one. You will not regret it!

Trailer for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

This is a trailer for one of the best movies of all time starring Jimmy Stewart. Take note, because you might see this in a couple of weeks.

Coming Soon.

This week's entry was a little strange, granted, but there is some sort of charm to black and white cinematography that just cannot be matched, no matter how mind boggling today's shows or movies are. Sometimes, it is just fun to look back and see what happened. Man. Now I want to go rent "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". That was a good movie.

As always, any requests, samplings, credit card numbers, or deep dark desires can be shot through me by email, commenting, or instant messaging me, and I will include it or the theme in a future Mega Media Monday! What are you waiting for, go for it.

Happy Watching.

The Allengator
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