Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Life's Little Idiotic Roadblocks

Reality is a very harsh thing to come to terms with sometimes. We have to go through our lives and try to figure out what is best for us, and pray that everything will turn out alright. We have hopes, ambitions, and ultimately it is almost as if we don't have total control of the situations.

Take some girl over here that is dying to have a boyfriend. She dreams of him day and night, and she knows her life will feel more complete if someone was by her side. Now this girl lives on her own, has a full time job, and goes to college full time as well. She has no time to go out there, between studying and doing necessary chores, to go out and find that guy. While she goes to college, it is preventing her from enjoying other things in life.

Maybe one person wants to live by himself, leave the town he is currently in. He works at a job he is comfortable with, that pays well and gives him a lot of benefits, but if he moves, he would no longer be able to work there, and would have to get a new job that would not be as enjoyable, so in order to keep his stress level low, he stays where he is at, but will still want to leave.

Myself, I want to get out of my current job, mostly because it doesn't pay enough to help me out with college expenses. However, right now it is just not feasible for me to leave, because of college and other obligations. I want out. I don't deserve this, and I probably won't be satisified with what goes on. I am not saying I am giving up on finding a new job. Perish the thought. I am still scouring the classifieds and job sites for something. Its just if I can get it to work out, which, while I am in college, isn't likely to happen. I will be done in about a year, so it shouldn't be too much longer....I hope....

That's about all I feel like spilling right now. Just another day in the life, I suppose. Right now I am just going to try to find something to be excited about and just enjoy everything the best I can. That much, I can swear to.

The Allengator

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