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If This Entry Seems too Weird or Political, it's Because I'm Tired
Ugh, I didn't sleep very well at all last night. I felt myself just tossing and turning until the sun was nearly up. I hate nights like that. I feel so tired, something no ammount of caffeine will cure, so I'm totally not be myself today, which is bad considering that I have work. I love working on days like this.</sarcasm>

The college spring 08 schedule sucks. I have to essentially choose between a class I have to take, or a class that I am interested in. Now does that mean I am not interested in the one I have to take? No. It sounds intruiging, but between developing an app and developing a game, I would want to do the latter. Then again, the class I want to take is no garuntee, considering my FAVORITE (again, with the sarcasm) teacher is teaching it, so its even, but what sucks is that I can't possibly take both. I decided to go for the one that I need to take, but its on opposite nights, I have to get my availability changed, and a bunch of other headaches. Ugh.

Here is a prediction for the election. Pending any disaster, Obama has won. Looking at the electoral count, even when McCain was ahead after the RNC, Obama led with the electoral count, and right now McCain is just digging his own grave. There are other things I would talk about, like the whole people yelling "terrorist" during the McCain rally, but I don't like to blog about politics much. There is one aspect I do want to touch on in a future entry pertaining to Missouri. Here is what I think, overall.

As much as I hate to call myself this, I would be grouped into the "evangelical" *shudder* group, which is mostly republican. Why? Because of abortion, same sex marriage, and other such issues that republicans and "evangelicals" share. Here is what I think, and again, its just my thought process. As a nation, as a generation, we are growing more liberal. It doesn't matter how many republicans take over, or how many democrats assume power, these things will eventually be a thing of the past, abortion will be legal, same sex marriage will be perfectly fine. No matter what happens, it will happen. Anytime a "LGBT" story comes up on current.com, 98% of the comments are pro-LGBT. What does this all mean?

I honestly think the presidency doesn't matter, but the house and senate do. They are the ones who decide and pass laws. I mean sure, the president has veto power and whatnot, but face it, if there is majority in the house and senate, it will pass anyways. I mean yeah, I do have a preferrence on who I think should be president, but my main concern is on the congressional side. Again, the race is all but decided for the presidency, so I am looking at how the house will look.

Sorry about that. I guess I get political when I'm suffering from insomnia. If I didn't have to work, I'd totally nap right now, but speaking of which, I better head out there and see what stuff I won't get done today.

The Allengator