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Lyrics Test 3

As last time, just name the song title, and group if you know. There is one where the group will count as a point, because the lyrics are slightly different from the original version, and another one where you have to tell me what tv show it is from. Good luck.

1) NOT GUESSED - I looked across and there I saw Billy, waiting to go and join the line. And with her head upon his shoulder, his young and lovely fiancee from where I stood I saw she was cryin' and through her tears I heard her say...
Billy, Don't be a Hero - Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods

2) NOT GUESSED - Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife. I feel like I'm in the prime of my life. Sometimes it feels like I'm going too fast I don't know how long this feeling will last; maybe it's only tonight. I Go to Extremes- Billy Joel

3) I'll pretend I'm kissing, the lips I am missing and hope that my dreams will come true. All my Lovin', by The Beatles, guessed correctly by Loretta!

4) NOT GUESSED - Cruisin' down the motorway, got my girl by my side. We're both a little anxious, Ooo we got love on our mind. Waitin'. Anticipatin', for the fireworks in the night. Well, I swear, we were doing 80. Rockin' Into the Night - .38 Special

5) And that we're painting your trash gold while you sleep. This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, by Fall Out Boy. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

6) Into the night we shine, lighting the way we glide by, catch me if I get too high, when I come down. Next Year, by the Foo Fighters. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

7) When you're gonna get to me, get to me, is it just a matter of...(song title) My Sharona, by the Knack, guessed correctly by Sara!

8) NOT GUESSED - Mahna Mahna, do doooo do do do, MAHNA MAHNA!(Extra point for anyone who can name what tv show this was off of) - Um...weird muppet dude? It was a viral video, Jim Henson, a very repetitive and annoying song, and yes, the title is in the lyrics... Mahna Mahna - From The Muppet Show.

9) NOT GUESSED - The slate will soon be cleaned, will erase the memories, will start again with somebody new was it all wasted, all that love? I hang my head and I advertise a soul for sale or rent. I have no heart, I'm cold inside, I have no real intent. Save Me - Queen

10) Here I go thinking 'bout all the things I could have done. I'm gonna need a forklift 'cause all the baggage weighs a ton. Almost, by Bowling for Soup. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

11) I can hear you talkin' to your friends, saying "yeah girls he's come a long way". I'm Still a Guy, by Brad Paisley. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

12) Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are. Wake Me Up When September Ends, by Green Day. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

13) Buying ice cream and see how far we can drive before it melts (song title) cow in the road, swerve to the left. How Your Love Makes Me Feel Inside, by Diamond Rio. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

14) NOT GUESSED - The reason I breathe, is you. And girl you got me blinded. Oh pretty baby, there's nothing that I wouldn't do. It's not the way I planned it. (Bonus: Name the GROUP that sings this version. There is a difference...) - Not the cover artist, but the original was sung by a very non-innocent girl...Brittany Spears, people, Brittany Spears. ANd yes, the cover group was already in this lyrics test once. ...Baby One More Time, Bowling for Soup

15) Every night when the sun goes down, its just another lonely boy in town, she's out running 'round. Tequilla Sunrise, by The Eagles. Guessed correctly by Loretta!

I will post artists on Wednesday afternoon, hints midday Thursday, and answers up on Thursday night. I will not be on here a lot, but I will confirm your answers and add you to the wall of...well, maybe fame is too elaborate a word. Maybe wall of webspace? Sure!

Anyways, have fun with this! Let's see is we can get more than 6 this time!

The Allengator
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