Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Little Blurbs About Nothing Important, or Sane Anyways.....

I know I've been very unpleasant to some lately (especially you, Erin. You don't deserve me :( ) and for that, I humbly apologize (James, Lurch, you guys still suck ;) P.S. I have plans for Lurch-bot, and if we get another set, we could try it.)

In other news, got a new phone today, so maybe I can start putting some more interesting photos of my life on here, not that 99% of the world population reads this anyhow, let alone know I exist (if you think about it, 1% of a billion is a million, and who says egos dont matter :D).

I wish I could put a longer entry on here, but my lady calls on me tonight (Yes, out tomorrow tonight for those who take what I type when I am delirious seriously :) ), and I need to learn how to accept calls on my cell, so I best be off.

May all be well.

The Allengator

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