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Mega Media Monday 10.6.08 (Random Edition 1)

Hey everyone.

I have a Youtube account, and I have random videos on there that just expell awesomeness, but with awesomeness comes more problems. The fact is that...well...these videos don't have a theme to them. I tried, believe me, but sometimes things just don't work out. These are videos that I like, but just can't ever get worked into an entry week after week. Seriously, I need to take care of some of these playlists!

Also, a special video I am saving for last. Look for it....

Colossal Epic Battle: A Sentai Short

This was originally going to be on "Japanese Week", but the video is considerably not truly Japanese, but made by Sentai fans. Don't know what Sentai is? Sure you do! Just think Power Rangers. If you know Power Rangers, you know Sentai.

Giraffe in Quicksand

You better watch it now before it gets taken down. This is pretty funny with the 5 stages. Heh.

Ballbuster Commercial

Double Entendre week was planned, but there aren't enough of them that do I put this delicately....good. I saw this on Screwattack, and man....Yeah. This was an actual commercial from the 70's, and the product failed. Sure can't see why!

Finally, a special video.

If you remember from several weeks ago, I did a Mega Media Monday entry on here about online web series, and there is one, Nametags, that I just love. Right now the series is in jeopardy, and it is unknown whether it will be continued or not. The final episode was released today, and it was good, but felt too final. The creators said that "if there is enough demand, we will continue it". The best way is to comment on Screwattack, but another great way is to Digg it. All I ask is that you click this Digg link, and Digg it. I would appreciate it. Here is the possible final episode. It will not make a lot of sense unless you watch the others. Here it is, for maybe the last time *sniff* :(.

That is all for this Monday. I really hope you enjoyed it, and sorry it didn't have a "theme", but sometimes it just has to be that way. I also didn't have loads of time to work on this, so it was a little rushed.

Remember, a blog feature is only as good as the comments and suggestions are. I have already received a suggestion that I will act on in a week or two. If you suggest it, please give me some time to think of the videos I want to post. I am open to all suggestions, minus the "Charlie the Unicorn" marathon, oh, and "adult entertainment". Totally won't do that one. As always, just comment, email, or message me accordingly, and I will do whatever I can to fulfill your desires. Hey, if I get enough requests/video suggestions, then maybe I will do a fan-picked week! Just an idea...

So until next Monday, be safe, and happy watching!

The Allengator
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