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Chuck 2.01/Heroes 3.03 Review

Chuck Versus the First Date

*Best scene of the episode: Chuck and Sarah arguing about the car again. Ah! Good times. Also? Casey is not as pretty as Sarah, according to Chuck. Water came out of my nose after that.*

The Intersect is almost up and running, and that is much to the relief of real life Intersect human Chuck Bartowski, because that means he can go back to being a regular joe, right? Well, it is if you consider the regular joe being six feet under. Casey's orders are to execute Chuck, much to his chagrin. However, in order for all of this to pass, they need the final piece, called the Cipher.

The Cipher is in Casey's hands, he gives it to a seemingly legit carrier, the carrier gasses him and flees like a horse. Casey starts bleeding (WHAT kind of gas was that?) and has to sadly destroy a portrait of Ronald Regan (Sorry, sir. Heh indeed) in order to get some antibiotic.

Meanwhile, the Weinerlicious is no more *sniff*. It is now some orange ice cream barista sort of thing. Anyways, it doesn't matter because Sarah still gets to wear outfits that makes the place packed full of males. Chuck comes in from the Buy More, after declining an assistant manager's job. The reason is because of his possible end of being government material. He is overjoyed about that, and starts to think about his future, and he discerns that the Buy More is not where he wants to be, so he starts thinking of his options, and seeing that he won't be in Sarah and Casey's care anymore, he asks Sarah out on a date. She agrees, but only because she won't be watching him for much longer.

During their date, Chuck finds out that they are surrounded by bogeys, and tells Sarah to shoot 'em up. She doesn't have a gun, because what nincompoop carries a gun on them during a date? Casey drives a car into the building, and they drive off, but not before they get into an argument about word play. Chuck is dismayed about the Cipher being swiped

Chuck is in charge of finding the new assistant manager at the Buy More. Evidently, the only people that applied are the Nerd Herders. After some disturbing stuff, Chuck puts CoD4 Morgan in charge while he goes off and fixes some dude's computer. Morgan decides that the best way to choose is to have a cage match. No. That is not an exaggeration.

Chuck goes to the customer's place, but its the hideout of the guys who stole the cipher. The big built dark skinned guy intimidates Chuck, but Chuck outintimidates him, by telling him that the place is surrounded. He tells him of the guys, and what exact jobs they have,, but he doesn't believe Chuck.

It just so happens that Chuck was spurting off Morgan's CoD4 map of insurgents, so he calls Morgan up, and he confirms the story. This shakes up the guy, and they go to look for the agents who will kick their collective butts. During this time of uncertain stupidity, Chuck swipes the swiped Cipher, and runs away.

After a battle scene, Chuck and the Cipher are safe, and everythign is back to normal. The cipher is placed into the Intersect, and Casey is ordered, even after some bargaining, to destroy Chuck. He stealthily goes into Chuck's apartment as he is making dinner. Right before he gets the nerve to shoot him (you could totally tell he didn't want to), Sarah comes in and tells him that the Cipher was actually a trojan for Fulcrum, and the Intersect was blown up. It'll take them another season to build it, no doubt. Casey overhears this, looks relieved, and sneaks back to his place.

Meanwhile, Lester becomes assistant manager of the Buy More, as he was the less skeevy and stronger of the applicants. Then they go see if Jeff will explode due to a Twinkie overload.

It was awesome seeing Chuck again, and this review does not even come close to ddescribing the awesomeness that is "Chuck".

Personal score: 9/10

Heroes 3.03 - One of Us, One of Them

Claire gets help from her "biological" mother, but decides to go and find villains anyhow. Next plot point!

Matt was going to have a nice family life before FuturePeter teleported him to Africa, but now he has to "spirit walk" with Assisi, the walking advertisement, and somehow he causes Matt to see the future. Vaguely interesting.

Tracy goes to New Orleans, sees Micah, who finds information on her birth, and she goes to see a doctor who tells her that he "created" her.

No Mohinder this week. Well, except the voiceovers. Ugh.

Nathan reads the Bible. Well, at least he reads the first page, as far as we know.

Now for the good stuff. The crux of this episode has to be the CurrentPeter/Sylar/HRG stuff. This was why the episode was named as such. HRG has to partner up with Sylar, pretty much his sworn enemy because of the Claire situation from a couple episodes back.

*Lamest Excuse of the Episode: Mama Petrelli put Sylar up for adoption. Talk about really lame/poor writting*

They go to the bank, Sylar yells at people to get him coffee (heh), and Bennet goes inside after explicitly telling Sylar to stay outside. Knox kills the German, and finds out that screamy dude is not actually screaming dude, but PresentPeter. Just as PresentPeter screams everyone into oblivion, FuturePeter stops time, grabs PresentPeter out of Mr. Screamy McScream, and takes him the future....sorry, I just had to. Bennet now has three villains up his collective butt, but Sylar saves the day! Now THERE'S a sentence I never thought I'd say. He figures out that Bennet knew he would come inside if he insisted on him staying outside. Check out my theory below. Sylar, however, can't control his hunger, and kills of the Screamster. Knox escapes, and the Human Torch is in area 5, along with Ando and Hiro. Wait, what?

Oh yeah, Hiro and Ando are in Berlin after Daphne. I don't know why, but I love the scenes they are in. Their powers do not work thanks to...dun dun DUUUUUN...the Haitian. The Haitian is actually securing the second half of the ungodly formula, Ando and Hiro mistaken it as the first half that was stolen, knock out the Haitian (To quote Ando: "Holy crap! It actually worked!"), and Daphne steals this one too. Unfortunately, after Hiro and Ando figure this out, the Haitian unpasses out, and looks mighty angry. Thus why the two are in prison.

Personal Score: 7/10

Allengator's Theory Section:

I believe that Noah Bennet has a power. He seems to be super intelligent in many things, but he has to either be the luckiest, most Machaevillian, or probability driving normal person out there. Think about it. When he was imprisoned at the company back in season 1, he orchastrated an escape plan, and it worked perfectly. He took care of his old boss in the season one finale without flaw. He ALWAYS seems to know what will happen, and things ALWAYS goes his way. This week was pretty evident with Sylar. He explicitly told Sylar to stay outside, because he knew if he did, then Sylar would eventually come inside to save him. He KNEW it would turn out that way, and Sylar recognizes it just like he does with any power. I cannot say what his exact power is, but you can kind of see what I am driving at.

I am too tired of typing. See you guys next time!

The Allengator
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