Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Right Before I Go to Sleep

You know, I can't wait to get married. I'll be like "The bowling team needs me." And Erin wouold be like, "But I wish you'd stay home and watch our wedding video." I would say, "Well, sorry, bowling comes first."

Now I have to find another way to go to the spring play because only losers go by themselves, and the rest of my family doesn't like to go to those things...*sigh*

She also forgot to mention our tomorrow tonight, which I guess....I dunno. Maybe she thinks I'm just not in the mood to go on a date, I dunno. I'm not mad, just frusterated. I figure she will read this and we will get in a fight over it, because she will think I show no respect for her or the things she does, but I do, or she will be hurt, which I don't want to cause either. Its just frusterating.

And people wonder why I hate this time of year.

The Allengator

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