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Mega MetaMedia Monday 9.29.08 - (School Rumble Edition)

This week's Mega Media Monday is sooooo Mega, that it is Meta! I debated on doing this for a while, but I think the time is right for now. This week is very special.

Meta means being in the same state of. For instance, metarules are rules about the rules. Metatags are tags about the tags. So Metamedia is the media of the media! This can also be considered my Audio Blog 22, for those of you who keep track. This was going to be a stand-alone audio blog entry, but after I decided to embed videos of it, I figured it might as well be featured on here!

About a month ago I was delusional enough to look for an anime to watch. I am what some may consder to be a geek, and a major part of geekdom is watching anime. Now, I watched Pokemon, Digimon, and Sonic X, but those are kiddie animes, and not really taken too seriously. I wanted one that wasn't kiddie, but sadly, most anime is adult-oriented, and I refuse to watch any like that. It was a challenge, but I finally found one. It was a clip on the anime video I posted on 'Japanese Week' called "School Rumble". I watched (yes, the English dub, so sue me), and was amazed at how good it was. It wasn't targeted to kids (though teens would be a better demographic), but anyone of any age can appreciate it. Also, unlike most, I did not feel guilty or dirty about watching it after the fact, so we have a winner! I did not do enough justice in my audioblog, so let me get the basics down here.

School Rumble is an anime about a girl named Tenma Tsukamoto who is hopelessly in love with a boy named Oji Karasuma. Meanwhile, there is another boy names Harima Kenji who is in love with Tenma. I love triangle, yes, but they push the events to extremes, unrealistic extremes, but extremmes. It calls itself a "romantic comedy", and that can be fairly accurate, but I think "comedy romance" is better, as comedy seems to be the forte. It isn't girly, trust me. Inside these situations, there is also some nice little nuggets of "slice of life", which are those nice, warm-fuzzy storylines that just work. There are other characters too, but I do not have enough blogtime to initiate such a rave, so I will stop here and let myself AUDIO!!!!

Please let me explain below. Down here are four audio files. The first three are the three parts of the audio blog, chopped up into threee roughly equal halves (they do have a clear ending to them, don't worry. I have mad audio editing skillz). The last one is all three of them put together, a clip of over 30 minutes long. Below each of these is a link you can download the clips from. I think, can't swear to it, but I think the full version is the only one that has an easter egg in it, clipped on to the end. Its my little way of saying thanks to streaming the whole thing. Have I thouroughly confused you yet? Well, let's get this train wreck a rollin'!

Firstly, the audio blogs!

Link to part 2 Download

Link to part 3 Download

Link to the full thing! Download

Confused? Intruiged? Well, here are some vids of the series. Here is the first episode:

I am posting the first part of this episode, because of the character development of Eri and Harima. It is a really good example of the "slice-of-life" stories in the show.

Lastly, a truly hilarious part in the series. I know you don't catch the beginning of this part, but it isn't necessary to understand the plot devices. If you don't laugh, then you are dead on the inside.

There are MANY MANY more scenes that are classic, but they are being saved for future editions. If you are interested and want to watch more, the entire first series in English dub can be located here.

Again, I am calling on you guys for submissions. If you have any videos, themes, or traumatizing life stories you would like me to share, then comment below, email me, or message me, and let me know. I'll even credit you! Just do it, dangit!

I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed this different Mega MetaMedia Monday. I won't do this a lot, as this entry, by itself, took me at least 4 hours, which is about 8 times longer than it usually takes me, but if people like it, then I will do it some more. I hope you understand my love for this anime, and how its just awesome in many many ways. It has made me do many things, including buy dvds, order manga, and try out some pocky! I have yet to find another anime that draws me in like this one. You will be hearing more from me in my regular blog. Next week's Mega Media Monday won't be as massive, so breathe easy :). Have a nice week, and happy watching!

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