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A Heroes Fan Geek Out (3.1 && 3.2)

Wow! Tonights episodes were great, but first, the ugly.

The whole "Hour countdown" thing was a little contrived. Seriously. 10!!!!! 9!!!!! 8!!!!!...and the rest. IT's not New Year's people. Then again, I just might be bitter that I was not watching it live. Monday night school sucks for this reason alone!

The scenes were neat, the character intros...meh. It seemed like most of the time they were making some sort of movie trailer with the Itunes song running in the background, no matter how dire the situation. Remember Sylar(Gabriel) stabbing his mommy? Wasn't that hijinx HEE-larious? No. Stop it. Just....stop.

Overall, the countdown to the premiere scores a 5/10. Too much product placement, too much "hey this is an extra on the dvd we already released", and...well, I gave it the points for Zachary and Malcom McDowell.

Now for the ACTUAL episodes.

3.1 - The Second Coming.

Ha ha! Get it? Second coming of PETER? Fine, don't laugh. Anyways, we are greeted by emo FutureClaire wanting to oust FuturePeter, but he teleports back before the bullet contacts him. As he freezes time, he grabs the gun, goes to the past, and shoots his brother. Ok, I did not predict that. I thought it would be a lame newbie, but no, it was future Peter (who STILL has that scar, btw).

Hiro opens a safe after being told NOT to, because he wants to feel "important". Whatever. I love Hiro, but seriously, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! His father, rest his soul, predicts his stupidity, and some French chick super speeds beats the snot out of him (now THERE'S a phrase I never thought I would use, ever). He goes to the future, sees Ando kill him (with red sparklies!), and he figures that he needs to retrieve the formula.

**Best Scene of the Episode: Watching Japan asplode!**


**Biggest What the Heck Moment: Ando has a power?**

Sylar is now in California. He steals Claire's ability, but for some reason, puts the skull back on her head and leaves, fully indestructable, with files in hand. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO THE NEXT EPISODE, WELL, SORTA!!!!

Mohinder complains, threatens to go back to India, AGAIN, finds out that abilities are a part of adrenaline, makes a liquid that will make anyone have powers, injects himself, and beats guys up. The nerd becomes the jock.

Peter saves Nathan, who thanks God, or maybe more accurately, his "special" friend Linderman, instead. He loves God, people!

Matt finds out that FuturePeter is the killer, and FuturePeter sends him to a vacay in Africa! Scorpions, ahoy!

Oh, and Mama Petrelli? She can dream the future. Wow. Kinda pointless much?

Oh yeah, and Niki/Jessica/Tracy/whoever, is totally into politics (but still sex) now.

It was GREAT watching Heroes again, and I think they may have found their groove again, maybe. Its hard to tell with just one episode, but guess what? The next episode comes on NEXT!!!! All in all, characters were good, plot was good, and they set up a really good story arc with FuturePeter screwing up the past, which is actually the present.

Personal score: 8.5/10. Needs more cowbell, methinks.

3.2 - The Butterfly Effect

I am not a real huge sci-fi geek, but even I know what "The Butterfly Effect" is. Simply put, it is putting more chaos into the chaos theory. As Mama Petrelli puts it, step on a butterfly, and you will kill one million people in three years time. Anything, no matter how minute, will have a direct, usually major consequence for the future. With that being said, FuturePeter is being a moronic idiot.

He recreates the "String Theory" room from season one, and Mama Petrelli tells him that he needs to go back, that he has already altered the future too much. He told Claire to stay put in California in the previous episode, and doing so, gets her attacked by Sylar, and totally changes the future. Mama Petrelli knows this because she can see the future, remember? Then again, I guess she needs some help too, as FuturePeter will have no where to go back to, as his future has been changed. But if that is so, then wouldn't he disappear, or at least change....ouch. My head is hurting from all of this thinking. Next plot point!

Claire can no longer feel pain in the physical sense. She is upset about this, as it is the only way she felt human. So here we go kiddies! If you want to feel human, hurt yourselves! Thanks, Heroes (ok, please don't do that, kids. Seriously, that's dumb)!

Mohinder not only has super strength, but super jump, can crawl up walls, and shoot webs out of his wrists! Ok, so maybe I made the last one up, but...soap box time!

Ok people. Mohinder originally had super strength, but now exhibits super jumping and is very agile. Yes, Spiderman comes to mind, but the super strength part bothers me as, last I knew, Spiderman DOES NOT HAVE SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH!

So now he is a meat-headed jock, struts his stuff, and has super-sex with Maya. Ugh. Turn-off. He is also flaky. Well, I mean his skin is falling off. No biggie, right?

Tracy Strauss sees Nathan's God-fearing self in the newspaper, and tells some mayor dude that they need him for some political gain. Yay for corruption of the state! Yay! She drives to the airport, but is stopped by a man who says she has a remarkable resemblence to a stripper in Las Vegas (ala Niki), she denies, goes to see Nathan, who tells her that she is Niki, returns to New York where the same reporter threatens her again, and she touches him, and he freezes. Literally. He shatters into a million pieces. Nice!

Matt is still stumbling around in the African wilderness, wondering where freakin' Timon and Pumbaa are, as there are alreay vultures. After a very friendly turtle, who is actually some precog dude, tells him about water, they go off on a spiritual journey! Yes, it is about that bad. I am totally digging the precog though, despite his horrid, shameless product placement. Stupid Sprint! CRAP!!!!!!

**Best Scene: Sylar beating the crud out of the agents, while elevator music plays in the background. Hee!**

Hiro and Ando are in France, finds super speedy, holds a track medal ransom, and she steals both back again. The point? Well, all this was used to tell us that Hiro placed a bug on her medal ribbon and now they go to Germany! Hey, at least its not feudal Japan! There is starting to be some tension between Hiro and Ando, as Hiro explains the Ando that he saw him kill him in the future. Ando thinks the whole fugative thing was just to spite him.

Bob and Elle fight. Bob becomes dead thanks to Sylar, and now Elle is all alone *sniff*. Its all good as she electrically explodes later anyhow. I also love how Sylar turns the gun he is holding into gold. Will not insert James Bond joke here. Oh yeah, Mama Petrelli becomes head of the Company, so Elle gets fired. Bye bye, Veronica Mars!

HRG coems back home, sets up Claire with her biological mother, again, because we totally know how that turned out, and goes after the guys that Elle unintentionally let out. Let me explain.

In the Company, there is a sector called "Level 5". Here is where all the very dangerous guys (as well as HRG. WHY?) were kept. Guys who can do horrible things. I am starting to wonder if this is the "villains" that the volume is named after. Why do I think they are villains? Well, because they torched some poor gas station attendant, and drove off without paying for the cheap $2 a gallon gas. Yeah, they seem evil.

So HRG is putting it on himself to find and get rid of these guys. Question. Why did the Company keep them anyways. If they are evil and could intentionally, or not intentionally kill people, why keep them alive to begin with? If they need experimentation, why not use one of the good guys, who are perfectly harmless? Ok, so more than just one question, but still...

Nathan hallucinates a very patronizing Linderman. He also decides to return to politics, so I guess the Evangelical storyline is over, eh?

Sylar ends up being locked up in level 5.

**Biggest What the Heck Moment: Last scene. SYLAR IS A PETRELLI!!!!**

Also, here is a butterfly effect map thingie.

FuturePeter shoots Nathan, which causes Claire to call him, which causes FuturePeter to tell her to stay, which causes Sylar to not only steal her ability, but to find the files of the guys from level 5, which causes Sylar to infiltrate the facility, which causes Elle to asplode, which causes a blackout, which causes the villains escape, one of which the real PresentPeter is somehow stuck in.

Wow, humanity is in capable hands, huh?

Personal Score: 9.4/10. One of the best episodes, save "Five Years Later".

Here are my thoughts for the show thus far.

The FuturePeter and Sylar storylines, by far, are most interesting, and I cannot wait to see what happens to them next. The Hiro/Ando one is going back to the season one formula or being adventurous, yet silly, with a slight squeeze of drama. The Nathan storyline is going to take some convincing from me, but even worse will be the Matt storyline. Mohinder better either die, or find someway of getting rid of Maya. PLEASE!

I can't wait to see the HRG + Sylar pair working together. THAT WILL KICK ALL SORTS OF SUFFICIENT BUTT!!!!! Also, where is Micah?

Anyways, I am super (no pun intended) stoked for the season (which will hopefully be in whole). It looks like they may be getting their bearings back after all.

I am not sure if I will do this every episode yet, as time and personal schedules take precedence, but if I do, then don't expect them until much later on Tuesday or Wednesday. I did it early because it is the new season, and that I needed my Heroes blogging fix tonight! Now, I go to sleep.

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