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All weirdness aside

I thought I would type this little thing up while waiting for class to start.

I have always thought of the perfect girl for me. I don't ask for much, just that she is sweet, smart, kind, pretty, and genuinely likes me. What do I want her to do? I want her to be noce to me, remind me of how much I care to her, be there for me, doesn't mind cuddling or kisses every once in a while, isn't afraid to take it slow, does not want 100% romance, but some fun, and go places with me. I want our romance to be simple, as well as complex. I want our love to be pure and unhindered from the ways of the world. I want celibacy. I do not want someone who drinks, smokes, or anything that would harm their body. I want her to enjoy the simple things in life. I want her to want to spend the rest of her life with me. I want her to desire to be a mother. I want her to be part of the cliche I was in HS, or even in college, presently. I want her to be similar to me.

Tall order, huh?

Well, I know someone who exceed all of these qualities, and then some. She sends me notes, reminding me that she loves me every day. We talk nearly every night we get chance and have some deep conversations. Our love is simple. We have taken it slow. She genuinely likes me, wants to be with me most of the time. We have our romantic moments, and we have our fun moments. We have longsuffered and been patient. She is beautiful beyond words, and we desire to be together for the rest of our lives.

Her name is Erin.

The Allengator

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