Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Mega Media Monday - 09.15.08 (Pirates Edition, ARRR!)

Listen up, ye scurvy dogs! This be Pirate week on Mega Media Monday! Thar is no better way to spend the day than to either walk tha' plank or watch ye videos! I chose tha' latter!

By the way, it's "Talk like a pirate day" this Friday!

How to Talk Like a Pirate

This is a gem that I discovered a couple of years ago and has gone all but viral. So now you don't have an excuse to not sound like a pirate ;). Absolutely hilarious!

They took down my Robot Chicken steering wheel video T.T

The Pirate song!

Kiddies love pirates too! WARNING: This song can be addictive!

The Pirates Who Don't do Anything

Yes, I sue me....

That is all for this week. It was a little short, but the only pirate things I could find are....musicals....It's sad that piratedom lives on this way :(.

Please, feel free to send me videos or ideas for future Mega Media Mondays by commenting below, emailing me with the sticky note on top, or by instant message! All ideas will be taken into consideration, except for Charlie the Unicorn and Shoes.

Happy Viewing!

The Allengator
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