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5 Paragraph Essay - The History of Poetry

The History of Poetry
A Five Paragraph Essay by The Allengator

There were once some cavemen who drew on the walls of caves. these are the earliest known "artists" or man. However, some cavemen were horrible at drawing, but still wanted to be artists. In leiu, they started to make decipherable sounds with their mouths. Now, communication ws still in its early stages, but this new form was no different from regular speak. Soon, some discovered that if they spoke in a paticular rhythm, people took note. The side affects were bad. The listeners either fell asleep or found objects to strike themselves about the head in order to stop hearing this noise. This was the predecessor to modern poetry.

Poetry can be described as someone speaking, while having a certain rhythm or style. Most people contend that poetry needs to rhyme to be good. That is not true. Even the rhyming ones are bad. There was one such poem "Ode to a Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer's Afternoon" that caused major hemoraging and the only surviving listener survived by gnawing off his own leg (guess the refference). So some writers began to use a form called "free verse", which, to the untrained ear, does not sound like poetry. It can be obvious, however, when you view the writing, and it is not in paragraph form, like these fantastic essays.

Major works in free verse includes "Dante's Inferno", "The Odessy", and the collected works of Dr. Seuss, but the latter one is better known for his ridiculus rhymes and pictures which made people question how much of the medication he was taking. Soon, the Japanese wanted to get in on the poetic license, and decided to invent the haiku, which is Japanese for "Bad words". Haikus use a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, and usually talk about nature. I found one about computers. "Yesterday it worked. Today it is not working. Windows is like that." The French also wanted in on the poetry pie, so they made up avant garde, which is French for "bad". I will not subject you to the horror.

Years later the Irish wanted to make up their own poetry, and they called it the limerick. The limerick is a more popularly used type of poetry, because they are fun, and by fun, I mean adult oriented. The most famous one, "The Man From Nantucket" could not be put on here because one, its poetry, please, and two, after editing it out, there were more "blanks" than anything. In rivalry to that, the Americans decided to come up with their own type of poetry. Seeing that all the good ones were taken, they came up with the stupid "acrostic". Acrostics make you spell out something, and each line has to begin with the letter given. These, like most other poetry, are not fun to listen to.

So from cavemen, to the modern American, poetry has been in our blood for centuries. However, some poets demand that they transfuse their blood with everyone else's which is why more deaths occur during poetry readings than in police riots. The best kind of poetry is in music, but that's ok, because the music can drown them out. I hope you learned more than I have about poetry.

The Allengator
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