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Mega Media Monday 9.1.08 (Labor Day Edition)

This Mega Media Monday is special, and not in a "short bus" way either. It's labor day! I'm not even going to type this up on Monday, but I guess I should post it then. Labor day is a national holiday where Americans don't work. Tell that to the workers in non-union places. So in honor of that, here is a working edition of Mega Media Monday!

Major LOLZ at the noob with the tray!

Two professions are showcased here. A barber with a bad way about him, and lumberjacks! Yes, folks, its the MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS SHOW!!!

What labor day entry would be without a Dilbert refference? Here is a watered-down version of, in my opinion, the best episode of the series.

A site I frequent is called Despair Inc, because they have the best demotivators since my current job!

Finally, lets look at some old timey jobs with the MST3K crew!

Da sequel nobody wanted!

Don't forget, as with every week I encourage you to send in your videos or theme ideas and you can send me those in the sticky on Livejournal, or comment below.

I know this week's is a lot to take in, but I figure it should make up for last week's entry, plus it is a ~holiday~ of sorts. Have fun not working, or if you are working, have fun when you are off not working. I really hope you enjoyed this week's Mega Media Monday. See you guys next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

The Allengator
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