Allen (allengator86) wrote,

*Sigh* Insert Life Sucks Title Here

Seriously, that last two days have been pretty horrible. Very horrible. Maybe even horribly horrible. I know part of it is from work, part of it is from vehicle troubles, and the latest thing is that I am fairly certain someone stole my DS. Yes, I am a very provoked panda.

After doing some much needed emotional relief, I decided to just sit there, and see what happens. I looked into myself, and I know maybe the DS thing could have been avoided had I not been so upset, but its sort of comforting to know that whoever took it is going to hell. Very comforting. Plus, I still have my DS Phat. I may get me a new lite for Christmas, and plus, I only had one game I invested 24+ hours into. Thankfully, it can be replaced without much hassle.

Who am I kidding. This blows.

But I am just going to take the next two days and do whatever I can to comfort myself. Since no one seems to be interested in a conversation (seriously, no one was online tonight. I died a little on the inside.), I am just going to sit here and watch comedies until I pass out. I would say play games, but I need my DS to charge. Its pretty old.

So I am just trying to learn self reliance and self empathy. I'm not going to announce it to the world. I'm just going to pay the near $500 in repairs, $150 in tuition, and have some left over to pay some credit card bill with, on an 18 hour week at work. I can do this!


Nope, I'm screwed.

I will give it a shot. I mean, trying to do something remotely positive is better than wallowing in self pity.

I'm going to shut up now, because I doubt anyone will care to read any of this crap on here. I'm just going to go away now.

The Allengator

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