Allen (allengator86) wrote,

How Many Times Have I Commented On This?

I sometimes feel good about how I come across people, emphasis on sometimes. Of course I sometimes get erratic and mad, but I am not referring to those times. I am human and I make mistakes. I am talking about when I am my usual self. I know I may be annoying to some, and sometimes like I don't care, but in actuallity, I do. Last week, my girlfriend told me that I made someone feel good, just by talking. I saw her come into work, and she was obviously upset, so unlike most people, I didn't badger her about how she was, because it was obvious. I just kept comments to myself and said some things I know she would find semi-humorous, without being heartless. Its not as easy as it sounds. I have to think about these things first. Anyways, she eats lunch with Erin and she told her that I made her feel better that day. That makes me feel good, that I actually made someone feel good. Pauletta, an older woman, at work told Jason (he came in to visit us and rub in our faces how awesome Wal-Mart is compared to Summer Fresh XP) that I was a hard worker, compared to most people around the stroe, and Jason said he knows how much I want a better job, as well as a better paying one, and that he would do whatever possible to get me in. That made me feel good, that my work ethic and attitude is known to people. Sometimes people say that something is "Allen-ish" and do you know how it feels to have your name associated with an adjective? Sometimes its ok, sometimes not. It really depends on the situation, but sometimes its good. "That joke reminded me of you, Allen", "That sounds like something Allen would say." "That reminds me of the time Allen threatened me with a black comb..." It kinda makes me feel good that people can positively remember me. Last night, Erin called and was in tears, really feeling bad, and I will spare details, because I don't know if she would approve or not. When we were talking, she went from being upset, to semi-giggling in a matter of seconds. Really. I felt good, that I could make her do that. Sure, she may not feel 100% better, but she felt ok for a few seconds, which was my intention. Sometimes I think that is my calling in life. Making others feel better. I have felt this for a long time, and sometimes I just forget. I wish I wouldn't, but like I stated earlier, I'm human. Not only do other people feel good, but I do too. I think everyone deserves the right to laugh. I know sometimes I am sarcastic, or even snarky, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't like you. I hope this blog makes other people feel good, or that it makes someones day. If I ever come off wrong, I am sorry, but this is who I am, and you can either accept it or ignore it. Your choice really.

With that, I leave you....the teacher just arrived (Yes, the anal one about surfing)

The Allengator
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