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Politics, Pollsters, and the American Way

There are some things I rarely touch upon when blogging and in conversation. One of those things is politics, partly because its annoying to beging with, and partly because I don't know what the heck its about most of the time. If I could change one thing, it would be that politicians spoke on a third grade level, like normal human beings.

The campaign is really going to be taking off after the GOP convention next week, but so far, it hasn't been as annoy as previous elections, notably 2000 and 2004. I am, however, sick of the constant phone calls wanting my opinions on the election thus far. Here are a couple of things I noticed. 1) They always call me on my days off when I am trying to have dinner, and 2) They are biggots. I can say this with some assurance because when my mother picks it up, they want a MAN to answer. Hey, women have opinions too. Many have a better idea about some of this junk than I do.

So here lies a typical call:

Me (dejectedly): Hello.

Some dude: Hello sir, we would like your opinion on the current election.

Me: It better be quick, because I need to be at work soon.

Some dude: Yes yes. I understand. On a scale of 1 to 5, how closely would you say you are following the election, with 5 being the closest and 1 being not at all.

Me: 3.

Some dude: If the election was held today, who would you vote for?

Me: Your mom.

Some dude: ....

Me: Lighten up. Ok, I'd vote for Mickey Mouse.

Some dude: ....

Me: Fine! Who are you calling on behalf of?

Some dude: that would ruin the poll, sir.

Me: Fine. Since you sound like a white male, I'll say Obama.

-alternatively, to not pin me on a certain candidate-

Me: Fine. Since you sound mexican/female/different, I'll say McCain.

Some dude: How commited are you to said candidate on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5-

Me: I know I know. Being the most. This isn't my first poll you know. Whatever, 4.

Some dude: Now on to the governers...

Me: AARRRGGHHHH!!!!!! *I make self inflicting stab wounds for witness to those in the room. They laugh at my misery*

-30 questions later-

Some dude: How much do you like Bush as president on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most and 1-

Me: Being your job? Why does that matter? He is going to be out of office in January. No matter what happens, that will be true. How is this pertinent to the current election?

Some dude does not answer.

Me: Like most Americans, I say a 1.

Some Dude: Ok. Hold on here....let me get our manager to certify that you are you.

*NO hold muzak*

Some Lady: On behalf of the Republican/Democratic pollsters, I thank you. Have a nice night.


That, my friends, was no exaggeration.

Seriously, my mind is pretty much made up, but I am not going to convince other people or talk about it much, because your opinion is your opinion, and mine is mine. Will I talk about politics much? Well, who knows. If I do, its from my point of view, and I won't let my prefferences get in the way of cold hard facts.

The truth is that we get this opportunity every four years to choose a new president, and we should take this choice responsibly, since it is a right and privalege, one that a lot of people in the world do not get. I know we will be sick of the talk, but I have a feeling I will be tuned in and watching the news sites on election night, to see if Obama or McCain becomes the new leader-in-chief of our country. I am really not that much into politics, but I do enjoy maps turning colors and people talking about issues that our nation faces. It is sort of a wake up call and reminder that we rise as a nation, and we fall as one as well.

Let's face it. The economy is becoming unstable, we are in some kind of war, the terrorists are still and always will be out there, illegal immigrants cross borders whether we like it or not, countries despise us, health care is too bureaucratical, and nuclear war is sure to happen one of these days. If that isn't paranoia, then I don't know what is.

So all I want to say is that may the best candidate win, and may everyone shut up about it after November. Please. No more calls. NO MORE CALLS!


Crap, there is goes again. Have fun all...

The Allengator
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