Allen (allengator86) wrote,

More Blog Remodeling

In case you haven't seen it, I have made numerous changed to the blog. Some significant, others, not so much. Here is what I have done in a nutshell.

1) Updated my profile - Check it out by clicking on the little blue dude. I haven't updated it in well over a year, so I thought it was overdue.

2) Rearranged side margin stuff

3) Added links - Including my temporary page for my web dev II class. Check it out so you can hire me to make you site, lol.

4) The return of the custom sidebar - I added the "features" I do on here for the first timers.

5) Stickyness!!! - LJ finally added a "sticky post" option, and I wanted to use it right away, because you have no idea how long I waitd for it. I will put more pertinent items on there in the future, but for now, look at its majesty.

That is all I feel like saying for the night. Have a good one.

The Allengator

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