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Yay For Text Faces ^o^*

Hey everyone. It feels great to have enough time to blog again. I know it looks like I put up a Mega Media Monday entry yesterday, but I actually wrote it several days ago, kept it private until Monday, then changed the date. All I did on Monday was activate it. Yay for me ^.^

The new semester of college started, with my schedule being full of evening/night classes. It makes parking easy, but it just feels weird, walking out in a near empty parking lot, where some guy can strangle me. Yay! In all seriousness, besides the actual driving, its not too bad. It makes work a pain in the butt to schedule, but its ok, because its a pain if I'm there too. Yay for work pain v.v

For one thing, most of the uber picky staff is gone, which means PIZZA PARTY! Ok, maybe or maybe not, but since most of us are coming from work, we can have containers of drinks and whatnot. I tried to get some, but every machine on campus was compltetly empty. It was kind of annoying, in a way. I drank out of the fountain, which of course raises my chances of getting mono. Yay for mono <.<

My classes are interesting and challenging. It will be a pretty intensive, but fun semester. They seem to be the same type of class, but will cover completely different material. Web Development II includes DHTML, Java, and others. Look for some weird stuff on here. Yay for weird stuff @.@

I think college keeps me sane. Now, while most of my classmates may disagree (I kept saying "A winner is you" last night, heh), it felt nice being around people who have the smae interests as me, and wants to learn. Advantage #2 for evening classes. No annoying high schoolers. Stupid high schoolers >.<

Now for non-college stuff. I am planning an entry about what I am calling "The summer of gaming 2008". It was going to be a pod for the Nerds R Us podcast, but since it is not running right now, I might as well do it in other forms. I do most of my game geeking during the summer when I'm not in school, and I found some very interesting titles over the summer. There were some stinkers in the pile, but overall, it felt good to come back to the world of gaming. Yay for video games <(0.0<) <--- is supposed to be Kirby.

I am getting concerned about some of my friends. Things range from the random IM's about being deleted, to the wanting to talk to me when something obviously happened to them. It just seems to me that life is happening all of a sudden. Does school really inject more drama in our mundane lives? Is there something in the air that I have not contracted yet? Maybe I should be content with not having anything too bad happening to me right now. It makes me feel randomly normal in a field of dramatic people. Boo for drama T.T

I mean its not like I don't have some drama in me, I just do my best to not post it in my front window. It may come up in personal conversations, but I try to be a happy-go-lucky guy, overall. I mean the main thing in my life is just trying to find that special girl in my life. I'll admit sometimes I get emotional on the subject, but I wish I could fall in the arms of someone special, to keep me from falling too far. I guess as long as I am me, that it won't happen, as I hate asking girls, I can't even say it on here. My last girlfriend had to step up to the plate, and I may just have to wait for someone like that again. I dunno. But I will just try to be content with what I have for now, but it would just be better with that someone, whoever you are. Meh for me O.O

I have had the lumberjack song stuck in my head all day. I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night, I work all day. Cue the mounties! I have no exclaimation to add here O.o o.O

Sleep is calling me, as I have another packed day of servitude and academics tomorrow. I will blog to you when I can. Horray for blogging !.! <---- I have no idea....

The Allengator

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