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Hey guys. Just a notice that you may not be hearing much from my blog the next few days. I have a jam packed weekend, all the way through Monday, with Tuesday my first real free day for the past week. So instead of blogging on here, I thought I would pre-emptively add some items on here. Check back on this entry every day. I won't be editing it, but if you pretend its something different, it will tide you over until I get back.

Author's Note: No, I'm just making fun of the way I blog on here, because of my lack of self esteem and commitment. I seriously am going to be busy, and I figure if I post anything on here, it would be in effect of these things. I am just doing it so you can commence chin stroking.

The preemptives.

Hey guys, just me here. So sucks. Whatever. I couldn't be more apathetic towards it. Insert apparent misspelling of place of work here. The customers are not friendly, etc. etc.

Being single sucks. Girls just don't like me, but I'll whine about it anyhow and not do anything about it :(. If you tell me that I'm sexy, I'm all yours, unless your a dude, in which you will find my fist firmly on your face.

Oh, did you know my personal life is boring. Just thought I'd let you know for the umteenth millionth time.

Sorry about not blogging. I've been too busy to care, so here is some general information that no one will respond to.

Oh, personal walls are closing in on me. No, I'm not emo or whatever, just overly despondant.

Insert inane non pop culture refference here.

And don't laugh at it...or get it....

I bet you're googling it, aren't you.


I hate social networking sites. Why do people invite me to do stuff I don't want? do I invite you to my house JUST so I can POKE you?

Maybe I should say something positive here.

I still want to think that people are generally good. I'm weird like that. So sue me.

I saw something wonderful, and here is my poor recounting on said event.

Insert another inane pop culture refference here.

Here is some "feature" I do on here. Petey passes out. Here are some Youtube vids. Here is me speaking. Whats this? Want me to still not say anything about the podcast? Another five paragraph essay? Lay it on me, ol' bean! Why do you do these things anyhow? Well, I lead a boring life, for real, dude.

Insert typical ending thingie here, to the effect of "bye", "see ya", or whatever.

The Allengator

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