Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Fun With Music Sounds

I have made a very interesting discovery! I have come up with the theorem that groups singing songs fall into one of two categories: Perfect, or Abyssmal. I stumbled upon this utility on my (fricken) Vista. Under Start > Control Panel > Realtek HD Audio Manager. You can make sounds and effects. The end result is awesome epicness. In paticular, I look at the "karaoke" funtion, which makes pitch 4X higher or lower, with everything inbetween. High enough, where it does not always sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks, and not too low to make it undiscernable.

With that, I made some pretty fascinating finds. Please note the following:

La La - Ashlee Simpson. Making this song 4x lower than normal makes it sound like it is being sung by a dude, which makes it kind of disturbing, but still, makes it sound INFINITE times better, which brought me on to my first always true finding:

Ashlee Simpson songs ALWAYS sound better when NOT sung by Ashlee Simpson.

(Sorry to all of the Ashlee Simpson fans out there, but I figure all five of you will get over it.)

Again - Alice in Chains. Turning this song 2x higher than normal makes it sound like it comes from a hair band instead of a metal emo band.

I'm Gay - Bowling By Soup. Ironically, upping the sound by 1 makes them sound gay....

You're the Inspiration - Chicago. Much like with Ashlee Simpson, raising the pitch by 4 makes Chicago sound like a bunch of women. Fascinating.

Hail to the Geek - Deaf Pedestrians. Upping it by one makes it sound like it is being sung by a bunch of geeks.

Through the Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce. -4 on the pitch scale makes the song sound more demonic than usual.

Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne. Making this 3 times lower than normal makes it sound like its being sung by a creepy guy o.O . Very surreal.

This brings me to my second fact. Any songs boy groups have about women, when taken down a few notches, makes them sound like a creepy bunch of pervs.

Case in point:

Hey There, Delilah - Plain White T's. Yeah.......this song will give me nightmares now...

Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram. When it is higher by 4 times, it sounds like it is being sung by that freakin' crazy froggie freak.

Lies - Styx. Styx sounds like a women's group if you make them higher pitched 3 times higher than normal.

Georgy Girl - The Seekers. Declining the pitch value by 4 makes it sound like it is being sung by a glee club.

My Generation - The Who. Two ticks lower makes them sound about two generations higher.

Yakko's Universe - Er...Yakko? If you make him three ticks lower, it sounds like Raphael from the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Finally, all my findings also found out another important fact, which I will dub as fact number three.

Fact three: No matter what you do with it, country music still sounds like it is being sung by a bunch of people who can NOT CARRY A TUNE!!!!

Anyways, I hope that is enough pointless banter for one night. Have fun with your discoveries!

The Allengator

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