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Mega Media Monday 08.18.08 (Web Series Edition)

So, I'm starting to have some trouble with coming up with weekly themes for Mega Media Monday, but that won't stop me too much. I do have one for this week though.

Edit: This entry was done much earlier, but the editor is giving me a lot of problems, so sorry if I rush through some of these. Typing them for the fourth time isn't really rewarding

Just like on television, the internet has given us some awesome video series. Some, I personally think are ready for television, and others deserve major kudos for doing things I will never be capable of doing myself. I will show you a representative video from each of these series, and will link you to where you can watch the rest. (Warning! Most of these are "Geek Gamer" related, but I will try to diversify as much as possible...) 

Nametags Episode 2: He's a Gramer

I've always wondered what it is like to work in a video game store like Gamestop or EB, and I assume this is mostly what it is like. This series is, at this moment, 7 episodes long, but has some of the most impressive acting and cinematography I have seen from a DIY studio. Major props to you. You can watch the entire series on Screwattack. I also think its hot when a woman can name...well, you'll see.

Drunk History

This very original series takes people who are experts on a certain point or person in history (i.e the Burr/Hamilton duel or Benjamin Franklin), make them highly intoxicated, and have them explain said person or event, then have actors reenact it. Due to me wanting to keep this blog PG, I will just link to, what I believe to be the best episode. The rest can be found here.

Campaign Update

This seires that airs on Current TV is a daily (Monday through Friday) show showcasing the latest news in the 2008 presidential election. I know most of these types of shows are dry, but campaign update not only informs you, but puts an interesting spin on all of these things, and is perfect for those of us who can't catch the evening news most of the time. It is hosted by Brett Erilich, who also stars weekly on the show InfoMania. Catch the rest of the many videos here. You deserve it.

Captain S Episode 1

Captain S is, of course, a spoof of the cartoon show Captain N. It stars a kid who is a mega Sega (heh, rhyme) game nerd, and tries to save videoland. Catch the rest of season one here. This series is created by the awexome folks at PBC Productions. Please check out their youtube account. I enjoy the series "Little Miss Gamer" (A more informative series. I'd totally date a girl like that!) and "History Science Theater" (Watch the one on Robot Appreciation Day, the government and Nintendo cause a nuclear holocaust!), and anything with the epic Meep Mop in it. The thing I can appreciate about these fine cinematographers is that they refrain from what most web series do, which is include much profanity or suggestive themes. Please watch their other videos, PLEASE! I hope they stay active for a long time. I will most definately include their videos in future Mega Media Monday entries.

That is it for this week. Do you have a web series that you paticularly enjoy? Then hit me up with a comment, instant message, or email at allengator*AT*, and I may include it in a future Mega Media Monday.

Also, there may not be a Mega Media Monday next week. Reason being is that my Monday is already oacked with work and my first day of school, so I may not get enough time to make an entry. I will try, but prepare for it to miss a week, or at least a very small one. It will for sure be back the Monday after though. So until next time, happy viewing!

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