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Mega Media Monday 08.11.08 - (MST3K Edition)

Yay! Its time again for another Mega Media Monday, and as I promised last week, we are going to look at another cult classic series. I'm not putting up as many vids this week because all of these are 8+ minutes apiece!

One guy and two robots sit in front of a screen and make fun of really horrible movies, so this can only be Mystery Science Theater 3000!!!(MST3K for short) I will probably do some more with this theme in the future. These videos night require a brief explaination.

This show is based on the premise of having these three characters watch horrible films, and they provide some very interesting commentary, that make the videos comedic gold. I would probably get annoyed if they did it with a GOOD film, but I would be more annoyed if they didn't do it with these bad/horribly out of date films.

For all intent purposes, I am just going to post the shorts on here, because the show was really about full length movies, that are about 11-13 videos long. If you want to look up some of those, search for "MST3K"For now, lets go on with the youtubes (this humble blogger's reccomendation is trying to find "Manos: Hands of Fate". The worst movie in cinematic history, IMO.)!

This is the first MST3K short I ever saw, and I still think that it is one of the BEST shorts out there. Body Care and Grooming:

You have your circus, which is a little creepy, then you have your ice, which is painful, so when you combine the two, what do you get? That's right! Painfully Creepy!

Lastly, I really do think this is sadly overlooked in our modern "on the go" society, but that doesn't mean we can't make fun of a cheesy 50's "perfect family".

That is it for the week. I do hope you join me next time for some good stuff!


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