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Updated the Website for Web 2.0!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey everybodies! Just letting you know I streamlined my webpage so it is in more accordance to W3C standards. What page, you ask? Well, this one, silly muffin! Look for future "updates" to it.

What? What do you mean, "You are just linking pages of your blog on there"? Give it time. I plan on making some adjustments to it from time to time. The full version won't be up until I'm done with web development. I am just doing this for some CSS practice. Not bad for less than a half hour of work WITHOUT an editor of any kind. I will make some updates to it, so keep it in memory. If I make a significant change to it, I will let you guys know on here.

That's it. Now go out there and play with your Superpoking, or whatever its called. Stupid newfangled technocracy....

...everywhere matted down in haiiiiiir...

The Allengator


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