Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Posting an Help Wanted Ad for a Partner in Crime

Ok, so its August, and I know what you're thinking, "Where's my podcast?". Well, difficulties have arrisen for the podcast, and I just don't know where to start.

I did announce that Jimcdr was going to help me out, but this is proving to be a mistake, as everytime I mention it, he has "to do something, but will be right back" and leaves without a trace. I have spent multiple times waiting for him, and I'm sick of it. I haven't told him yet, but he just isn't showing me that he is enthusiastic or dependable for a regular person, so he's just not going to be the co-host anymore. I'm not saying that he isn't welcome to be on there from time to time, but I need someone else who I can count on and have a good discussion over all things nerdy. If you think you fit the bill, send me an email or message me on the sites you see this on, and we'll talk.

With this being said, I just can't do this podcast by myself. I've tried, and it just isn't as good or fun by myself, and I think the listening public would agree. I just simply refuse to do this by myself, so this may mean "Oh Noes! Teh P0dcast is OVAR!!!!!!!111". I want to do SOMETHING that I can do by myself, but a podcast of this nature almost requires two people, especially with my limited knowledge of the XBox and Playstation worlds (although I am learning some things about Playstation). Maybe we just won't talk about them much, I don't know.

Believe me, I have been ready to rebegin the podcast for a while, but I am just getting no cooperation from anyone to this end. I am not saying that this project is over, but I am saying that it is at least on hold. I am very sorry for anyone looking forward to new pods, but things are just not working out. Again, if you want a shot at the co-host spot, then just message me, and we will talk, ok? Until then, you'll just have to put up with the Mega Media Mondays. I will return to the old audio blogs maybe. Who knows, but with school starting in just a few weeks, along with a hectic work schedule, and other responsibilities, I have no clue if I will have time to do much of that, but if I find someone willing to put forth SOME effort, then trust me, I will too. I am just tired of bending over backwards and getting nothing but "I need to make a god on WoW. Be back later!".

Anyways, again, I beg for your forgiveness, and message me with a proposal. Nothing will immediately be denied.

The Allengator

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