Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Mega Media Monday 7.28.08 (Viral Edition)

Things are going viral this week on Mega Media Monday! Enjoy the classics, and possibly a few you never have seen before. 

The first part of this video is hilarious! After the break, it just gets freaky :S. 

Sometimes viral videos are not on purpose. Such is the case of the next video.

Viral videos don't even have to be from random people. They can also come from TV! 

...Ok, fine, this one's a remake, but NBC just won't allow the originals to be on there, like a show with a paticular chicken that's robotic....

C'mon. Sing it with me.

Lastly, what viral video showcase would be complete without a monkey video? I don't know, but this one is guarunteed to make you do stuff. Adding it would take too much space on my blog, so I'm going to post it as a link. I mean, it IS a form of media. The video is here.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Mega Media Monday. I am already about next week's entry, and I hope you are too.

Never gonna give it up, never gonna let you down ;).

The Allengator
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