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Ramblings of a Bored, Irked One

Today could have been summed up in one word. Booooooooooooooooooooooorrinnnnnggggggggggggg. I had little to do, but I guess I should enjoy it, as the rest of the week is going to be a little hectic.

I'm excited for my full weekend off this weekend. I know it won't be much of a "vacation", but it'll be time away from work, and that is needed. After yesterday, it is needed BAD! It was one of those nights where co-workers were just....not fun to be around. People snapping at me, giving me lectures, telling me about their little dramas. In one night, that is waaay too much.

Nintendo suspended my account! Yay! Just another reason to get a Playstation 2. PLAYSTATION 2 NINTENDO!!!!! Seriously, I was looking at some websites, and the "core" gamers are more than miffed right now, which includes me. Not only are they insulting us, but they are patronizing us as well. I read several interviews, and trust me, my words are extremely mild compared to some of the things said, which includes "massive Wii sellings" to "@%@% you, Nintendo. I don't care about your #$@#^&# wii anything casual $&@!. You guys #%&#@^$ killed zelda and mario, but now you just don't #%^%$$& care. %#^% you!!!!!!" and worse. Muuuuch worse.

Ok, if Sonic as a werewolf wasn't bad enough, now he HAS A SWORD! This comes from the same geniuses who thought GUNS were a good addition to a Sonic-esqe game. Also the same compant that is developing Mad World, but I am willing to overlook that. Mad World LOOKS interesting, with the complete black and white with red blood) look, but waaaaaaay to much gratuitous violence in it.

Here are some quick first impressions of demos I downloaded on my DS:

Crossword DS: Fun for people who like crosswords. 6.7/10
Trauma Center 2: Yay for animated blood and growths! 6.8/10
Picto-whatever from Sega: Fun for kids below my age... 4.5/10
Brain Age 2: Made me feel old. 6.6/10

Finally, I have decided that my imagination is broken, and I need to send it in for repair. Forgive my lack of interesting spotenaity to talk about. I am just drained of all creativity. Anyways, have fun with life. Its the only chance we get to be in a body.

The Allengator

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