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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Mega Media Monday - 7.21.08 (Fail Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Yes, it is time for another Mega Media Monday!

This week, we are going to look at one word in paticular, and it is one Erin uses all too much. This week, we discover the wild world of fail!

(Note: I am sorry if any of this is repetitive from the Fail Blog but hey, great minds, right?)

Man on a bicycle:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fail. Who you think is going to win doesn't...

Sorry, but I also need to do this one:

Dumb robbers have become the national pastime of mockery and failure, but this guy definately takes the cake. Watch and learn from his mistakes.....

And what "fail" entry can go without showing the infamous "Leeroy Jenkins" video? Warning! Some language in this 'un.

Aaaaaaand, that is all for this week. Join me next time on Mega Media Monday. Keep watching!

The Allengator