Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Salvaging Broken Lizard Tails


Life gets crazy sometimes. Don't ask me why I said that, because I won't tell you.

I can't wait to get my new glasses in. Not only is the perscription going to be better, but the frames are cool. They are similar to the ones I wear now, but different enough to be noticable. I feel kinda sexy with them on.....ok, I know, TMI.

Most days I have spent watching DVDs, since there has been nothing good to watch on tv. I just got Psych, season 2, and it just is not as good as season one, for some odd reason. There were a couple of episodes that were just painful to watch, on a series that is more about mystery and comedy than drama. But, we do get to meet Shawn's mother for the first time next season, which is the kinda-cliffhanger they left us with. Yay. (I heard it is going to be Cybil Shephard. Cool times.)

Today we had a taco bar at work. Yay. My least favorite ethnic food. I opted for the cheese and chips, myself.

Oh, and RC came out with a "cherry cola" type beverage. Being that RC is the greatest cola on the face of the earth, I just had to try it. It is the BEST cherry cola I have ever had. On a related note on soda, I just saw a machine that had a CREDIT CARD SLOT on it. Isn't it sad how we have to now possibly pay for a bottle of soda with a card? I mean, 20 oz. are $1.25 now in this area, but I hardly know anyone who keeps that kind of change. Cans cost $0.75, but I am glad our breakroom has them for $0.40 still. One benefit at work I will keep!

I ordered a couple of shirts from Think Geek, and one is about html. I can't wait to wear them at school!

That is it for my life update. It's sad, really. I will have more next time.


The Allengator

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