Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Blogging Stats, for my Frail Ego

I was looking at my LiveJournal stats on here through the new profile page beta, and I must say, I was a bit shocked at the numbers. For those of you who mooch off of my Facebook profile and are too lazy to go there, let me give you the raw data.

I became a member October 1, 2005, almost 3 years ago, and that is with around 3+ years of blogging before, so I have been in the blogging scene for around 6 years. Wow. That long?

I have posted 43 comments (yeah, not spectacular, but I rarely comment because someone else usually has the same opinion I do), and received 60. Wait.....I thought that number was about a sixth of that.....hmm....maybe I should look at my comment history or something. I KNOW I haven't had one on here (LiveJournal) for months. Odd.

Now, the big number. I have blogged not 1, not 2, not even 4, but over 5 HUNDRED entries (542 to be exact). That, also, is my LiveJournal by itself, which does not include my escapades on Xanga and...uh...TOD, yeah. I know that one has over 100 entries in and of itself. So, roughly, around 700 - 800 entries TOTAL on the internet. I guess I DO have a lot of time to waste on here.

I guess I HAVE written a small novella on my life. Coolio!

I guess it makes sense, because I write, on average, 3-4 entries a week, and if you multiply that by 52, you get a big number, multiply by 6, and its close to my accumulated total entries on the net. I guess that averages out to roughly one entry per 3 days. Cool!

I could update every day if I wanted to, but this thing would get duuuuuuuuuull pretty quick-like. I prefer to keep it on a tridaily basis. All in all, not bad for a guy who never appreciated English or reading much.

In closing, I have uploaded some new photos of the fire in Marshfield that was near a historical site, and uploaded 8 videos to Youtube, which can be found by searching "Marshfield Fire". I will post the videos soon, but I have to eat lunch and rush off to work, where I get paid.

Man, if I got paid for this, I'd have it made....

So take care, and check out Relient K's new album, "The Bird and The Bee Sides" today. Might not be the best, but there is a good track or two on there.


The Allengator

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