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Mega Media Monday - 7.14.07
Ice King, Adventure Time
This week on Mega Media Monday, the extremely loose thread connecting all of these videos is the idea of inspiration and learning by example. However, this also shows you can find inspiration in the right place if you look hard enough.

Sorry, I had a hard time with the theme this week. It really didn't need it, but never say I don't try *inspiration point!*. 

Siezing the day. A good example of inspiration.

Being a doofus. A good example to avoid.

Watching a fight. I have no idea how this is inspirational...

Finally, Being a parent. A good example of safe sex! (Yes, I did this one JUST for you, Loretta) 

Edit:  Because of Loretta's JOB, NOT her lifestyle.

Edit:  She has to stock condoms at Baal*Mart....Again, was not trying to imply anything.  I'm much too innocent for that *Angel's Halo appears on my head*

And that is it for this Mega Media Monday. Have a fun week looking at vids and stuff. I am uploading stuff I took yesterday, and will have them on here in a day or two or three.

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