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Mega Media Monday - 7.7.08

Hey everyone, welcome to Mega Media Monday!

This is something new I am going to try out on this blog. Hopefully most, if not every Monday, I will post videos, audio, and/or pictures that are really cool. Sometimes they are current viral videos, previous viral videos, things you might have missed, things you might have forgotten, and other things that are cool, at least in my eyes.

Sometimes there will be a common theme, or sometimes it will be something completely random. I really hope you enjoy them, and get a kick out of the gems I find on the interweb.

This week on Mega Media Monday, it is a big Musical Mega Media Monday. Enjoy these Youtube videos that have precious musics in thems:

Dinosaurs was an awexome show back in the day, and this is a video of the Baby (NOT THE MAMA!!!) singing a song about being....well...the baby!

Next is a music video about viral videos, which kind of went viral itself. Its like Lichenstein, art, many can you name?

I loathed Schoolhouse Rock back in the day. Heck, I still do not like it that much, but here is one that gets stuck in my head from time to time.

This one minute wonder is from an old favorite cartoon show of mine, Animaniacs, which will get its own Mega Media Monday one of these weeks. Until then, my apologies to you, Brandy, the Lion King Fanatic ;)

This last one is from the same show, but features the character Slappy the Squirrel, which I never personally cared for, but for some odd reason, this paticular music video has always been in my head every time I head Jan and Dean sing this song.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any suggestions for me on what I can feature next week, just hit me up, and I will see what I can do. See you next time on Mega Media Monday!

The Allengator
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