Allen (allengator86) wrote,

What a Totally American Day

My day:

I woke up around 9, and watched my sister play some Canadian curling games on here Wii.

I then had a breakfast of a pina colada banana slush and some leftover spaghetti. Yeah, it was awesome.

After that, I busted out Guitar Hero III and played a few chords of Maurvais Garcon by NAAST.

My mother starting grilling when I left, and I battled the gridlock of traffic. along the way, I enjoyed some Fratellis music. I got to work so early, that I stayed in my car and listened to some Tomoyasu Hotei before buying stuff for my lunch.

During my shift, I pushed carts and hummed some songs from Ouendan as I worked, especially since no one can hear me.

I went to lunch and enjoyed some cheesy ramen noodles and some white tea.

Towards the end of my shift, not only were the authentic Chinease fireworks going off, I noticed something odd about my roman numeral clocks, the fact that IV was shown as IIII. Weird.

Then I went home and played the theme from Perfect Strangers, you know, the song that comes from Balki's point of view, the Miposian immigrant.

All in all, a par day.

Oh yeah, and go America. Happy fourth everyone.

Totally the bestest Fourth ever.


The Allengator

P.S. Read my blog again, and see how many times I mentioned America! Again, I say, what an American day.....

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