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PS3, XBOX 360, and the Epic Win of EBA

As most of you guys know, I claim not to be a Nintendo fanboy. I honestly do not think I am, yet, all I have in the current gen is a Wii and a DS (and a gaming lappy). I have come to the conclusion that I will remedy this fact. I'ma gonna get me a 'nother console (sorry, I was trying to sound as cool as possible...).

Ok, so the main reason I decided to go somewhere else is because Nintendo has pretty much made me belive that there won't be a ton of good games out until the NEXT console. As much as I love my Smash Bros (which I still play quite a bit), if that is all they are offering me, then I might as well keep myself entertained in other areas. I mean even IF another Mario/Zelda/Smash Bros comes out for the Wii, it'll take several years for it to happen, so either I wait in boredom, or find some alternatives.

So I have two consoles to choose from, either a PS3, or a XBOX 360. Automatically, I ruled out the PS3, because of the high price of entertainment that I will not use too much. I guess I had my work cut out for me. Since it was so, I did some research into the lucrative field of Microsoft console gaming.

Then I saw many flaws.

I really do not want a fat 'ol ethernet cable out there, so I will have to buy a wireless utility of some sort, which oculd run from $50 to $100 easily. XBOX live has a pirce tag on it as well, which, in all honesty, is disenchanting. The main drawl for me is the marketplace/arcade, which hosts a plethora of games, some I used to play almost religiously, and others I am VERY interested in. This would put me over the top while waiting for the freaking Virtual Console to drop a bomb like Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Kart, Prince of Persia, Faxanadu, Astyanax, among others.

There will also be a Banjo-Kazooie game out for the 360 pretty soon, but as I loked at the Wikipedia article about it, it sounds more like another stinking RACING game, than the platformer that I loved several years ago on the N64. I would still get it in an instant though, as I am gullible that way.

As for other franchises.........


That just about sums them up. I am NOT a FPS fan at all. I truly suck, and get bored with those games too much. I can not stand sports games. I do not wish to play a game with a lot of profanity or blood and gore, and after all of this, there is only about 2% of the games catalog left, which includes games I already have. In retrospect, I almost do not see the good in the XBOX 360.

What is a gamer to do?

Suddenly, it hit me. The answer was in front of me, and it is MUCH cheaper than the other consoles, and, while there are not a ton of great games out there for me, it has enough to satiate my appetite for a while. I am pretty sure I am going to spring for a PS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, I know. Last gen and not as good as the other consoles, right? Well, I saw several games I at least want to try, and the $129 pricetag on the console is looking paticularly nice to me, since I am on a budget. Best part is that many of the games I want are under $20. Sweeter deal. Even if I end up not playing it much, I won't be kicking myself in the rear as much as if I payed around $300 for a different console.

Eventually, I do want to get an XBOX 360, but it will have to wait until there is another price drop (nearly confirmed rumor that it is going down to $299 for premium, I am talking a price drop from that, probably out of generation). It is not worth a hard earned paycheck at the moment. Maybe one day.

I am not getting the PS2 right away. I will probably wait a few weeks and see how much money I will be shelling out for glasses.

In nearly related news, I have decided that the epicest of Nintendo DS games as of this writing is Ouendan 2. Yeah, it is in Japanese, but I have played it more than any game I currently have on the DS. I FINALLY beat the final song on the hardest difficulty, and with that, I got a new unlockable challenge, which is hidden mode. It is analogous to getting a juiced up character in a game, and you play the game again, just to see what it is like with that character.

With hidden mode, I can barely clear some of the MEDIUM difficulty songs, which I hardly have trouble with. INIS effectively and exponentially lengthened the game to higher grounds. Now I need to beat the game on hidden mode. No, I do not get anything for that, as I already have all the songs on all difficulties unlocked, but the challenge intrigues me. I hope INIS keeps this mode for Ouendan 3/EBA 2. No if they come out, but when.

Speaking of WIN, the latest issue of Nintendo Power stated that the number one game on the DS is Elite Beat Agents, beating New Super Mario Bros, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Mario Kart DS. Other consoles were dominated by those series, but the DS stood out. As said by the writer of the feature "Elite Beat Agents is the only game we have played that everyone could agree on as a great game." That speaks volumes, in my opinion. Sure, I don't regaurd Nintendo Power as authority, but I give the the Allengator Seal of WIN for that choice, and recognizing us core gamers. I also hope this pushes INIS to make another EBA. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is it for today. Now I mut go sleep. Yay, life.

The Allengator
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