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A New Name for the Podcast!

Ok, I know it has been over a month, and I promised it way before now, but things I plan too far off in the future NEVER work out the way I want them to. They never do.

So, just to let you know I haven't forgotten, I am posting a serious production update.

Download it here

So yeah, new things coming up:

  • The podcast is no longer "Geek's Weekly", but now "Nerds R Us".
  • Season 3 is in nearly production, but is done with pre production.
  • There will be an RSS feed that Nerds/Geeks can tap into soon. (Hopefully will be updated with the uploaded pods).
  • Nerds R Us can be subscribed to on ITunes. The podcast on there will be updated when I think of it. I would love to say when I upload the files, but I can not garuntee it (but it should be close. I will attempt to sync them).
  • If the podcast becomes more popular, I will start hosting it on its own blog/site.
  • Emails regarding the podcast can go to

There are also questions regarding the update schedule. When I started this, I wanted it to be a weekly thing. With that being said, unless there is a string of popularity with the podcast, it may not happen like that for now. I prefer to do the podcast with Jimcdr, and finding a time that we can both sit down and do the podcast is proving to be tough, at least on a weekly basis.

We are thinking of ways to give the podcast the attention it deserves. We may be able to do the weekly thing, or we may not. I am just saying it is a possibility. If we cannot do it once a week, then I will think of something to upload during the "off weeks". My goal is to get, at the very least, once every other week full pods, and filler things, like I did inbetween seasons, on the off weeks. Again, this is a new process for us, so we are still ironing the details out. I just wanted you guys to know that through my placid "we are working on it", that there really is work behind it.

Ideally, I would say the podcast will be back, no problem, the first full week in July, but me saying that has proved disatrous in the past. I would love to say July, period. Again, it'll just jinx it. Just believe me when I say, "we are working hard on it". It will return.

......fine, since you guys are so persistant, I will throw you an e-cookie. I still have a couple more extra mini pods, or so, and I will give you this one as an appetite suppressant.

I gave you the email in conifdence. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHAT I WAS THINKING WHEN I RECORDED THIS. I honestly have no idea. I just recorded it...I think...and it was in my "season two extras" folder, so I uploaded it as well. So enjoy my voice acting debut as some space dude...

Why would anyone want to download this thing?

...why am I even linking this? Why did I even UPLOAD it? No one will ever know.

So there you go. I will hopefully have more updates pertaining to the launch of season 3 of the Nerds R Us podcast. Until then....

Crap...I need to think of a new outro.

The Nerd is Out.

Yeah, that'll do for now. Please don't ask me what I was thinking....heh.

The Allengator
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