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Video Game Survey (1st of Any)

Name: The Allengator (nickname)

Age: 22

PSN/Gamertag: I has no gamertagz, but I have my nickname on the Wii, or if limited, I go by "Gator" or "G8tr", or something to that effect.

Location: Marshtown, Missouri

First Console: Atari 2600

Current Console: Here we goes, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Genesis 3, Game Gear, Virtual Boy, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and the lappy.

Favorite Console: DS

Favorite Game Genre: Platform/Classics

Worst Game Genre: Sports

Favorite Game: This one is waaaay too hard. I can't choose just one. I will say my current love affair is with Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Worst Game: You mean the game I am worst at? That would be "Golf" on the virtual boy. Worst game ever made? Color a Dinosaur for the NES.

Most Overrated Series: Grand Theft Auto. It glamorizes horrible stuff, and I can't stand hearing people talk about it.

Most Underrated Series: What else than Ouendan? Get those two and Elite Beat Agents. You will NOT regret it!

Who do You Prefer Between Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft: Nintendo. Any suprises anyone?

Why did You Choose That Paticular Company? The main point is that I grew up with Nintendo, which still pumps out awexome games for their main franchises like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Bros. They have also been turning heads and been making more original innovations in my eyes, especially with the Wii. I will try most series, and am often impressed with the quality and diverse offerings. Simply put, I have always stuck by Nintendo, and probably always will.

What Are Some Pet Peeves With the Company You Chose: Oi, where do I begin. Nintendo has done good with the DS, but needs to expland the wireless capabilities (And where is Smash Bros. DS?). The Wii is kinda problematic in many ways. Wifi play can be VERY buggy. The Virtual Console in North America is getting some major backlash for realeases. WiiWare is good in theory, but without a mass storage device, the theory becomes problematic. Most of this can be avoided is Nintendo would simply LISTEN TO THE FANS! Is that good enough for you?

What Are Some Good Points of the Companies You Didn't Choose: Both Playstation and XBox cater more to third party titles, which is totally great. Also their online capabilities are second and third to none. Also graphics and more of a community feel make both of these companies cool, in my sight.

Who You Think Dominates the Gaming Market Right Now: Microsoft. I hardly know anyone who doesn't have an XBox or XBox 360 other than me :(.

Favorite Game Character: Bowser, the one and only.

Worst Game Character: Navi from Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time. HEY! LISTEN!

When was the first moment you found that you were into video gaming?

What other game then Super Mario Bros. for the NES? I think my generation used that game as a catalyst to get into the video game world.

Who if anyone got you interested in video gaming; was it a family member or a friend that got you interested?

Just my folks for getting me the stuff. I do have to say my friend Aaron for making multiplayer possible.

If you could pick one gaming moment that defined your style of video gaming what would that moment be?

Again, playing with Aaron, because playing against a human is NOTHING like playing a computer AI.

Is there one phrase that would sum up the industry in your eyes?

The gamers win. I don't play XBox or PS3, because they do not cater to my type of gaming, but they are both powerful and awexome game systems. I think the competition between the "big 3", causes for better quality of games, so in the end, the gamer wins.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in the next five years?

I think where I am at now, basically. I would love to make a game, but the reality of that happening, as of now, is minimal. Maybe I could write reviews for a website?

Do you have plans to compete on a more competitive level this gaming season?

If the servers at Ninty would get together, sure. However, college and work, and other various real world responsibilites impede me from becoming more of a hard core/competitive gamer.

What are your thoughts in regards to the game play versus the graphics of today's video games and do you feel that the video games are lacking in either area?

Gameplay pwns grafix. I think innovation > bells and whistles. Give me an original-ish type of game, without the pretty graphics, and I will respect it more than the most realistic gorey game.

As far as the up coming video games go which video games are you most anticipating and which video games are you least looking forward to?

Are: Banjo Kazooie, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, The rest of the Professor Layton Series, any future Ouendan game, Sonic Unleashed, and if it is truely a newer innovation and not a remake, the rumored Nintendo DS 2.

Not: Does most anything else count (that has been announced)?

When you are gaming is there as specific weapon that you find you use most and for which game?

Brute Strength in Smash Bros.

• Biography (give us a brief biography about yourself):

Just read my freakin' blog.

I encourage anyone who is into games to fill this out. I added a few I thought were necessary to get a better perspective on the gaming industry and the gamer's views on it.


The Allengator
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