Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Allengator's World - By the Numbers

Wow! I have really dropped the ball when it comes to blogging, eh? I guess I should catch you guys up. I am going to try to theme this entry by calling it Allengator's World by the Numbers, where I try to, in desperation, connect numbers to recent events.

100 - The number of degrees I feel like. I just have not been feeling well lately, which is probably part of the reason of me not blogging. I came home from work, had wat little dinner I could force down, and did a thing or two, and watched some vids on Around 8:00, I just said "who cares" and went to sleep thusly. I slept for about 12 hours, but got up a couple of times.

3 - The number of hours maximum I slept Friday night. I hate those nights.

9/10 - The score I give to the tv series "Mythbusters". I was VERY impressed with the genius behind some of the experiments and the methodology behind it. Funny, informative, and, most importantly, full of burning, explosions, and things being mutilated. Fun times!

2 - was the number of people in my car on a trip to Springfield on Thursday. thanks for going with me, Loretta!

11 - Percentage of me saying something witty and clever in this remark.

8 - Around how many hours ago I started this entry, so now I'll stop.

In closing, read this and go away:

The Allengator

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