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The Lost Season 4 Finale in Short

So the finale of 'Lost' was great, but sucked the big one. No, I am not reffering to the quality, but plot developments. I won't do a full blown synopsis. I may in the future, but for now, I just want my 108 cents. Ok? Ok.

I will admit, part of the finale was spoiled for me. I knew about the Sawyer-jump. He is, in my opinion, one of the biggest heroes of the losties. True, he probably figured that he would be rescued, but he still jumped, which truly shows his character.

His character did not appeal to me much, but he has grown on me since the last part of the previous season. Now that his angstiness is kind of gone, he has turned from a "hands-off" con man to a con man who really cares for most of the losties. I think he would be ready to kill anyone who threatens them, but he has learned much from his experience, and has been placed on my top 5, if not top 3 characters currently on the show.

Did Jin survive? Here is my either totally on or off theory. I think he really is gone. Point 1, he was near the freighter when it went off. Even if he jumped off, the liklihood of dodging shrapnel (awexome word) is minimal, and when boats sink, (physics lesson!) items near it get thrown down into the sea because of the force of the displaced water. While it IS unlikely he idd survive, he might have, since the island produces miracles. I would love to see Jin back, but ultimately, it doesn't matter to me.

Awesome seeing Lapidus and Desmond make it off, especially Desmond and his fated reunion with Penelope. Warmest Fuzzy moment of the entire season, IMO.

What about Faraday? Please bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:.

The Keamy thing was also spoiled for me, but honestly, even if it wasn't, it could be summed up in two words. Evil and predictable. I think he would eat babies for breakfast, if given the opportunity. Sadly, though, it was obvious he wasn't dead the first time, and obviously Ben would avenge Alex's death. Awesome character, horrible execution.

Frozen donkey wheel. Srsly?

This does set up for a nice, but weird future for the series. My biggest worry is Hurley. Now, I am usually wondering about his survival, but now I am more concerned about his character. He just doesn't seem himself off-island. He is all creepy, delusional, and uncomfortable to watch, and I am scared that it is the shape of things to come. BRING BACK THE OLD HURLEY!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the creme de la creme, the last scene. The scene where they stick it to you. Traditional 'Lost' usually ends most episodes with a WTF moment, and one thing you can count on is one, if not the biggest WTF of the season being in the finale at the end. This season was no exeception. Unfortunately, that is where the suckage comes in.


Why, WHY would you kill off John Locke?????? Now, in all honesty, they will probably ressurect him or something, but still. WHY???? Then is the testimony from Jack, and the way it sounds, the way the other characters talked of his alias, he was not I do not think he would go around blaming people for leaving, or whatever. It just doesn't sound like him. Why would he leave his island paradise? Finally, why doesn't anyone care that he's dead. Kate didn't seem to mind him. Hurley hung out with him a lot. Heck, even Walt was close. They all knew it was him, so why not show up to his funeral? These are questions that will probably never be answered.

I await season five, but honestly, I am scared. This is make or break time for the show. It needs to convince viewers that it hasn't jumped the shark, and needs to return the "Oceanic 6" without totally blowing it. It won't be easy, but hey, there is a bright side to all of this.

Wait a sec....Hurley not being Hurley, Locke dead, Sawyer on the island during the "horrible times", Faraday stranded in the ocean, no more Penny/Desmond seperated across time and space, Sun partnering with Whitmore.....

Man, when the poop hits the fan, it pours! I guess we will have to see how much more frustrating it gets, and despite any of it, I'll still watch. Go me.

The Allengator

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