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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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The Allengator's Poetry - Love Acrostic
Ice King, Adventure Time
I am feeling freakin' romantic today, so to get my head out of the clouds and back to normal in time for work, I have decided to write a poem. Since I have no significant other, I will name my girl Ashley. She is my hypothetical mate. So without furthur adeiu, here is my love poem.

A is for apples, so juicy and red
S is for slushies, drink too fast, and they hurt my head
H is for horseradish, yuckiness abound
L is for lettuce, because like your nose, its round
E is for enchiladas, though I hate them with passion
Y is too hard, so I'll skip on this one, my hun

And that is why I do not write poetry.  Well, I need to go grocery shopping.  Does anyone have a good recepie that has apples, horseradish, lettuce, and enchiladas?  I ask this while I drink my slushee.

Yay, I cured my romantic inside of me!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Take care.

The Allengator

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