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A Major Digression Because of a TV Show

Whew! So glad I am done with work for a day. Today was not easy, let me tell you.

I am working on some side projects right now. Some are known (the podcast), and some are not known (like I'm gonna tell you). The summer is the best time for me to do these things.

I also watch more dvds during the summer. So far, I have been rewatching the best of the Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. That show was awesome. I bet if it were on today, that it would be one of the most watched tv series just based on originality alone. Though, one thing does concern me.

The main point of the show was the capture of the John Bly gang. John Bly was the head (who was really from the future), and he had 13 main members of the gang. Each of those members also had their own gangs and has a distinct personality. I will highlight a few.

Brett Bones is a Louisianian riverboat casino owner, abd commits more "white collar" crimes.

Blackbeard Lacutte is and has a gang of pirates that are on land.

Juno Dawkins has a normal gang (only four known members who each have a personality as well) that will jump off a cliff for Bly, but steal prototype motorcycles to get their dirty work done. fun episode.

Problem is, is that most of them were killed by Brisco. Well, most inavertantly, but still. Brett was arrested (could have sprung out, but couldnt do the riverboat racquet), Lacutte drowned in quicksand, and Juno, I guess, died in a motorcycle wreck. So unless they are immortal, they won't come back.

Even before the season was over, they claimed to have caught every member of the gang and evetually killed Bly. The orbs were gone. So, unless they knew the show was canceled, shot through the best story arc of the series. I mean no more hard core sci fi, no more avenging for the father's death. It was sad, really. Even if they brought Bly back, it would seem....weird and...tiring.

There were only two other persons who were regular villains. One was the Swill brothers, and while being long term rivals of Brisco, just didn't seem to click the first time. The second time they decided to steal a million dollar bull and sell it to a ranch, but their mom asked them how someone else would know it was a million dollar bull. They had no clue, so then they got told the brilliant idea of ransoming it...from their mother....oi.

Now true, my personal favorite villain of the seires was Pete Hutter, who was not a member of the gang, and was "alive" after the final episode (where he did work with Brisco, so he may have stopped being a villain :'( ). Pete has to be the oddest character in the show. This show is a turn of the century (20th) western, so a lot of western drawl is used. Pete, while being an imbicile, had the largest vocabulary of anyone on the show:

"There's nothing like a good revolution to break up the ennui of ordinary life"

"Tiny, the only thing tinier than your brain is the likelihood that a mouth-breathing, psychopathic wall of stink weed like you is ever gonna get out of this dung-hood. You got "leper" stabbed on your forehead, just like everybody in that micro-cephalic, imbecile-raided, beer-sucking, cousin-marrying family of elephants that you come from."

Another funny quality is his idea of how to raid trains and stagecoaches. He gets a man named Owen (played by one of the series' producer Carlton Cuse, also a producer of Lost) paint, that is right, PAINT some scenery that looks like the area, but painted into a rock. Now, no one has ever been seen falling for his trick, but sometimes they realize it too late, because they were simply not paying attention. He also used huge boulders to try to crush people, but again, failed because he monologued too much.

(after Pete is hired to drop a boulder) "That's why they came to Pete Hutter. Because they know if you're gonna pull off this type of operation, what you need is big rocks!"

Finally for Pete, the funniest part about his character is that he is constantly "killed", then just pops up again. The first time he is shot in the gut, but comes back and says that it was only a gut shot that healed. Then he died by getting a "chinese death star" stuck to his back, but comes back to life an hour later. Then in the last episode, he dies because he is jabbed by a pitch fork ("I've been perferated..." "I think they just killed Pete!"), but then comes back and says "Rumors of my demise by perfiration were greatly exaggerated". Heh. Oddly, it was funny without being annoying.

Ok, enough about Pete. As mentioned, the show offered some odd fights. There was the motorcycle episode, the underwater suit episode, pirate sword fighting, and light saber-esque fights. There were inventions in the show years ahead of their time. There was also several refferences to future items, like the zeppelin made out of lead, a prayer that held several parts of Beatles' songs, rockets, cars, cable cars, and many more. It was interesting seeing the coming thing (future at the time) vs. older (modern at that time) struggle.

In short, the series was epic, but what after the first season? I'm sure refferences continued and a few villains would come back. The show, though, would lack a major story arc, and would become like many irrelevant western tv shows. Then again, making the arc last longer than a season would have been a little annoying, and if we only ended up with one season, then the story arc would not have been complete, and left us with a cliffhanger (I'm looking at YOU, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM). The season/series is an awesome watch from start to finish, and I guess if I loved a show, I would want it to go out on top.

Well, ok, it was horrible in the ratings because of the "Friday night death slot", but hey, to many, it is a cult classic that bleeds of awexomeness. I highly recommend the complete series dvd set. You will not be disappointed.

Anyways, yeah, projects have been going well....yadda yadda yadda....

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