Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Radical Cosine Waves

Hey guys. Sorry about neglecting my blogging...well, main blogging anyhow.

I forgot about the bad thing about summer vacay. Well, you see, I have no life, so therefore it is, at least I am.

A friend of mine introduced me to a Facebook application which I would normally ignore, but I humored myself while waiting for Infomania to get uploaded. Long story short, I is addicted to it...well, for a few days anyhow.

Do NOT ask me about work, again. They have seriiously ***sed me off the last couple of days, and I do not want to get into it. Some people may shrug off what happened, but I will NOT forget...

I am also readying the podcast for Itunes enjoyment. After that, I will be looking for a new blog home specifically for the podcast. I will still post them here primarilly, but I want a blog for those who do not want to hear my most intimate thoughts, which right now consists of a monkey falling off the tree. I have no clue why. I blame Mountain Dew.

Speaking of Mountain Dew, try out the three new flavors and vote for your favorite one. So far I have drank two, and they nearly tasted the same. I honestly was not as impressed as, say, Vault, but it was quite quenching and tasty.

Speaking of Vault, there is a nasty rumor spreading around about a possible Vault "being pulled from the shelves due to low sales" from a Coke rep. I am not sure if I believe that. It seems I always see people drink either Vault or the Red Blitz variety at school or at work. Seems fishy. Bleh. The only good news the Coke guy told me (who was drinking a Mountain Dew as well, which is the abominable PepsiCo!) was that they are getting rid of the horrible selling Coke plus and are replacing it with Vanilla Coke. Yum.

So people are asking me (ok, maybe not) about what materials we have cooking for the next season of the podcast. So far I have come up with some subjects, and my colleage Jimcdr came up with a few as well. To whet your appetite, I will expose some of these:

  • Iron Man
  • Indiana Jones
  • Rom Hacks
  • Homebrew (DS and XBOX)

There are many more, but I do not want to reveil them at this time. There was one I did not mention, which we will open with hopefully soon. Now that I have Itunes up and running, all that is left is uploading the rest of the extras (or maybe I will hold them for future use, just in case a week can't get done.), maybe start a new podcast-only blog (I will like it to this one. Until then, the tagged entries on here should suffice), and getting a regimen started, which is, by far, the biggest hurdle by far. I want to keep this at a weekly basis, but I do not desire to do it completely by myself, which is why I requested someone to help me out. Unfortunately, when you add a third party, making schedules work out is much harder. We will see as time passes by. I will update you on furthur progress, but progress IS being made, trust me.

My personal life sucks. I say it because its true.

That is all I have for you for now. Peace out!

The Allengator

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