Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Green Socks and Muffin Pants

Man, work was crazy today. I won't get into the bad stuff, but some hilarity did ensue, and this is how it ensued.

It was a dark and stormy night, right? It was one of those "let's prepare a spot in case we have to duck from a tornado" kind of night. Well, I nearly know....just in case. Anyways, when that happens, we call a certain code color, and corral everyone in the back in the S1t3 t0 st0r3 area (didn't name it by its real name to avoid bots). So it is reffered to "back there". Yeah.

Anyways, I was talking with this girl, and she was talking about being bored and such. Well, I said, "Hey, we will probably be in the back soon". It was pretty ugly outside. She then replies, "What would the two of us be doing back there?" as if I was coming on to her. Heh. HEH! I am not that kind of kinky guy. Trust me, there was a married couple who had sex in the dairy cooler. We know because there there.....("Honey, the milk is creamier than usual..." Sorry, I just HAD to say that.) Trust me, I am not one to make out with a girl at the back....where there are cameras. Besides, she is totally not into me, but another guy I know.

I explained to her that we were under the wind gun, and you could hear the lightbulb light up in her head. Sometimes I worry about her......

Anyways, some people say I'm cynical. Maybe so. I might just have some proof. My sister was talking about some series of movies, like "Love Comes Softly" "Love Knows No Bounds", or whatever, just as long as love is in the title. I was talking with this one girl that my sister works with, and I told her that I was waiting for the "Love Stabs You in the Face and Leaves Your Body in the Gutter". She thought it was funny, but I told her that it'll never come. Sadly, it never will because the whole plot of the movie is right there in the title.

So yeah, maybe I am a cynic when it comes to romance sometimes. Some people say cynic, but I say realist. There was a guy around my age and a guy a few years younger than I at a spot at work. The younger guy was waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the restroom. I was making a comment about how the purse he was holding was "totally his color". The older guy was like "I've been there". "Girlfriend?" the younger guy asks. "Married" he replied. I told him that he had my sympathy. He appreciated that.

So that is work for you people who always asks "How was work?" It is sometimes like that.

In other news, I will be having some extra time off for idiotic scheduling good behavior, so I will be using that extra time to good use. I have a list of things I want to do over the summer. Here is the list I have compiled thus far:

1) Refamilliarize myself with C# by giong over a Game Development book.
2) Get a schedule working for the Geek's Weekly podcast
3) Do some work on the "Mover" game I was developing
4) Do some serious research into DS Homebrewing
5) Totally not not clean my not....
6) Do some day tripping. I would love to go to Joplin, Branson, and Osage Beach at least once, and would love to go to Columbia
7) Have at least 2 times I do an activity with some friends

That looks like a totally overwhelming list that I will probably be lucky that I get 1/7 of it done, but hey, its good to have goals, right? It is, unless your goal is to not die by overpummeling of apples to the skull, in which case you weird me out and stay away from me.

I think that's enough blogging for one night. Take care everybody!

The Allengator

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